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 Follow My Vote Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Ernest has been invited to speak at the Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis in Prague. (Paralelní Polis basically means alternative culture or underground) The Event is put on by the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. 

Hundreds of technology enthusiasts, tech-entrepreneurs, activists and blockchain lovers will attend the Hackers Congress to celebrate the age of digital freedom and decentralization.

Decentralization is a fundamental part of blockchain technology, which Follow My Vote uses to build the voting software of the future. A good many talks at the Hackers Congress will focus on decentralization. Other areas of focus will be the freedom movement, sharing economies, cryptocurrencies, political art, and hacking. There are more than 40 speakers attending the Hackers Congress. 

 “Speakers, Workshops, Drone Races, and a 3D-Printed Fashion Show” 


 Adam’s speech at the Hackers Congress In Prague will focus on end to end verifiable blockchain based voting.  

 Follow My Vote Ambassador Kevin Flanagan Coombs will also be giving a speech. Kevin is a Local Coordinator Manager at European Students for Liberty.  

Check out the video from last year:


Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis

Author: Will Long, Marketing Manager at Follow My Vote 

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