Trump Assassination talked about in IG report.

in #news6 years ago

I watched some of the Horowitz testimony the other day ( ) and I did not hear this mentioned!

PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong that this was brought up in the testimony.

What am I talking about? Page 413 of the IG Report ( ) shows text messages between two redacted FBI agents on election day 2016:


Agent 5 says that "she (Hillary) better win otherwise I'm gonna be walking around with both of my guns"

This is tantamount to a threat agains the President. What does both of the guns refer to? It probably means a gun that can be left at the scene that can't be traced back to them, and may be from some other crime.

This is absolutely disgusting. Does no one remember JFK getting assassinated by our own government also?

Time to speak up people, this is just wrong. Who are these agents? Why are they not in a jail cell?


They'll probably lock up a few small potatoes and hope this all goes away.....but, I'm still keeping faith alive!

Well, probably not threatening the President, but those who voted for him.

Either way, this is our lovely FBI.

I think I read this the way Dean does. Particularly in the light of the previous comment about nails and boards. It sounds like they are "afraid" of Trump supporters. Kind of ironic...they are talking like preppers. lol.

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