If any other son sees his sister in front of a boy, "wow! Beautiful, babe, so hot"

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If any other son sees his sister in front of a boy, "wow! Beautiful, babe, so hot", no doubt that the boy will glaze brightly in oil, telling the commenter Look at my sister's point of view so big !! But when Islam says to the sister of the sister, "Do not look at the other's sister's side, do not make bad comments." Then the brother said, oh! no Islam is really medieval.

A girl does not test how difficult it is to prove herself modern in society. They wear jeans, t-shirts or eighty-string attire except traditional clothes. Take a boy friend, have a friend in the park. The boyfriend also has to give an extreme test of love. Rooms like the boy friend fill the hopes of dating. But when the boyfriend threw him on the street after the abuse, then the woman became a man, The boy is a bad person, someone has got his PhD on all men, etc. etc. But when Islam says to the woman, "Hijab, do not give your honor to a stranger, do not make yourself a product, take care of your eyesight and shame", then the woman said, "Oh! Why Is Islam Stuck In The Dark Ages ...? Medieval ...

Secular society teaches women you are equal to men. Men will be your opponent, male lang, you will have to survive in society, learn to walk alone. But when she comes out of the street believing that she knows how helpless she is alone in the street !!! He has to be the victim of eve teasing on the street every day, the institution has to be victim of sexual harassment by the male teacher. He begins to think himself insecure once, pulling someone close to him from his stomach for his safety, he will change him with love, but does coal become dirty? If it were, then boyfriend could not rape her boyfriend with her 15 friends. Rape by influential people or rape at school-to-university at any time. At last, he always wanted to help parents after the trouble, but then the parents commented: "My daughter has been tortured, they are influential people so they do not take the case. They are threatening us." But, when these parents are called Islam, "do not leave their own children alone on the street, if you are a male, father, brother or sister of blood relations, be with him to protect him from other men, for his safety, encourage him to observe the Hijab. What is the reason why the guardians burn the oil in the oven? Medieval

Women's rights ... Feminist government and women's rights activists hold media, but when Islam says, "Build separate educational institutions for women, appoint female teachers, create separate workplaces for women so that they can be protected from malnutrition." , Gets safety. " They say it is insulting for women, it's medieval.

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