What’s Wrong Wit Your News: False Sooth Sayers Still Summoning Voodoo of Trump Economy Flop

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Hey peeps, what gonna happen if the “Luddite Fallacy,” that the net amount of jobs doesn’t decrease as technology advances, expires or already has expired? The state public apparatus interferes in technological advance by desiging ineffificiences in every inch of our lives.

Since 1952, the National Invention’s Secrecy Act has been used to stifle technological advance, possibly having more tha 5,000 patents prevented from entering the market currently. Additionally, lots of public information, such as case law, is hidden behind private pay walls. Furthermore rampant open corruption where the coercive apparatus of the state is used to interfere with free trade and distorint locationing incentives for large employers.

So yea, I suspect the economy may be about to tank if robots keep taking our jobs. I wonder how the economy gonna do when the millions of truckers and taxis lose their jobs to robots? When attorneys and accountarnts lose their jobs to automation?

So any who a bunch of the dinosaurs who babble about bullshit and refuse to use their air time on the fakes news misinformation dissemination networks instead of the actual issues of our time like the failed war on drugs and the aimless war on terror and easily solveable human poverty in our automated world of abundance. The dinosaurs, asserted that if Trump became president the economy would tank.

The article then rambles on about Trump and tariffs and Trump’s unfulfilled campaign promises. If and when the economy tanks it will be interesting how it plays out. The babble in the yahoo article really just obscures your world. If the state makes cryptos illegal/significantly regulates, especially now after they have been gaining more and more market share in society, will likely create a whole new class of cryptos to pack into the prisons to make jobs for more security guards to eventually sneak in drugs and other contraband and add even more cattle to the custody of military industrial intelligence prison complex.



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I think every change that is coming in the society should be welcomed there are positive and negative side of both but we have to explore on the positive

yea, I think as long as it's voluntary should be good

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I really agree with this article, reason being is because if robots take everyone's jos, then the amount of poverty unstable and families there will be. Then, this would result in more crime because people would want to provide for their families and themselves. This crime and poverty would not stop until humans are replaced for robots again so that they may provide a study income instead of having to steal things for money.

I also hope that crypto doesn't become illegal because the blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies changed the world when it comes to things like trust and corruption.

Overall, I really enjoyed this article and keep up the good work!

thanks yea trying to discuss automation when i can

Nice post, it hits on a few points I have posted on also.

nice, will try to check out, feel free to post related stuff here or in future related posts, i wouldnt care, even though some people with invisible rules here might

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Contradictions can't exist in reality. If things appear to be contradictory, then one should reevaluate their assumptions.

Yea if people want a coherent worldview, I would agree.

Just listen to their economists and do the opposite of what they say.

idk, austrian school seems pretty good?

at best they are right 50% of the time.

if that, and right idk if it's right or just things go that way for a different reason than the explanation

they are like weathermen, they could say the same thing every day and be right half the time.

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