Florida Shooting Hoax: Jimmy Kimmel's Desperate Attempt to Slander Conspiracy Theorists!

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Just your typical idiotic brainwashing... looking desperate Jimmy Shekels! I am the most censored channel in youtube history (with over 3000 videos terminated) Support me: https://www.patreon.com/newworldagenda
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And yeah, they're deliberately lowering the standards for hoax operations - they're like, fuck yeah, this is real, sheeple, because we fucking SAY so. And if you gobble our shit up then you consent to being enslaved. Stupidity will be cruelly punished. Sad thing is they're going to take us thinking people down with them.

Jimmy Kimmel is such an NWO puppet if I ever saw one.

Not sure why anyone who listen to a word he says unless youre looking for a laugh.

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This is why the voting age (if voting actually meant anything) should be at least 25. These kids are brain dead.

They are brainwashed into thinking they actually are fighting for something righteous and that they represent the "wind of change". It's idiocy.

So, Jimmy K... the Russian meddlers run the world and own Trump and all the assholes in his administration theory is NOT a retarded conspiracy theory??? But all the other ones are? Jeff, did you lend Jimmy your mallet?

good vid man. took long enough to get here on steemit.

Joe Rogan is up there definitely top 5 "king of shills" award . I didnt think he could stoop so low man , i knew he was a dick from day one on those podcast things but since he went on about 9/11 that was the nail in his coffin .