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Thank you James for another interesting essay. When we look at what is going on with what has been called the Great Awakening, people are essentially rejecting Central Banking Control.

I'm sure I do not have to tell you that Soros is a Central Banking puppet. But, at the same time, if we all have to band together and shake pitchforks and torches at a guy, is there really a more Emperor Palpatine evil looking bastard than Soros out there? Evelin De Rothchild must get much better vitamins than that sad sack of droopy skin. Yikes!

As I am still cautiously optimistic about Trump, I find it interesting that his anti-Globalist push has recently gone after the Federal Reserve. And, perhaps we will see real change as it appears the last great secret battle for humanity will be on an economic level. I'm betting on humanity. French protestors are one thing. But, when you consider similar protests in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brexit, and the "Viking Uprising" in Sweden, then it looks like the Central Banking Cartel will soon be on the run. And French proptestors chanting, "We want Trump" is indicative of the world noticing that nationalist policies will do their countries good too.

Hopefully Americans will wake up past the false left/right paradigm and stop blaming villain de jour, The Left, for all our problems. Sure HRC and the ultra-corrupt Democratic Party had dark plans for America. But, the lack of criticism for PNAC fueled Republicans is a concern.

However, my favorite rumor right now is that several of the 50k+ sealed indictments are ready to go for the criminals who orchestrated 911. That I feel would not happen unless Trump gets a 2nd term as it's obvious a lot of his base is still clueless or in denial about the Neo-Con/911 connection.

And, we may get a few weeks of chaos before if and when Central Bankers go into full battle mode against America's favorite billionaire.

That said, it does seem that blockchain technology will be there to pick up the fumbled ball. Satoshi apparently created Bitcoin as an alternative the for the next time an attempt at a "crash and grab" scheme like the 2008 bailout would be attempted. At least that is the story I heard. Fill in any gaps, I have on that at your leisure.

But, where I see this going is that if increased taxes and emigration policies are being rejected in Europe combined with a Nationalist economic policy of Trump, then we may all be hit with a full blown Central Bank plot to take down the world economy at large. And Blockchain would free humanity from their clutches as the "too big to fails" would have to compete with non-bot trading fueled blockchain and have to compete with it as a value-back currency that has no master. Crypto-currency, silver, and gold vs paper fiat currency? Are you kidding? It would be like the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers vs a high school football team.

As it's obvious the wild drop in Blockchain is synthetic, it should also be obvious who is behind the artificial drop. The Central Bankers I think are making their move to get as much crypto as possible before they lose control when fiat currency is rejected worldwide.

And carbon taxes are not going to be accepted by the people they wish to control. It's becoming a more and more obvious ploy to skim wealth from the middle class and enforce strict control measures. And of course the elite will not have to play by these rules. It is the Central Bankers after all who have the most to gain by pushing the Climate Change issue. While Washington state avoided the latest draconian environment scare tactic, California's recent "Climate Change" laws are in place. How long before Californians make the Paris riots look like a picnic?

What do you think? Is my conjecture that these riots spell a certain doom for central banking?


Contrary to what roatanbill says I think you're right. Bitcoin, Litecoin and smart contracts of all kinds will make it possible to simply turn away from the present con system that oppresses all. For those who argue that cryptos are a ponzi scheme - well, let them think what they will.

Bankers shouldn't be underestimated. They work primarily with emotions and are devious as hell. I am convinced, on the other hand, that human beings are super smart when you get to the core. And together we shall prevail!

Yes! I believe people are also waking up to their intuition. And combined with our growing intelligence it will allow us to prevail.

There is no "drop in Blockchain". The only drop is in the crypto currency fraud that happens to use blockchain technology.

Crypto is just another tulip mania. As the number of crypto miners decreases, the number of ledger copies decreases and when the last miner calls it quits because it's uneconomic, the ledger disappears into the ether along with any phony value people thought they had. The Central Bankers are wondering why they never thought of inventing another form of out of thin air "money" which crypto is.

All forms of money are created out of thin air for the simple reason that nothing has objective value. Even something like gold is simply one of several rare metals which happened to be used for minting coins historically.

What ultimately gives actual value to a currency is the belief that that currency can be exchanged for actual goods/services.

Hello roatanbill,
I agree with you that fiat money is created from thin air, but...
Did you know that you have to spend about 20,000kWh of electricty to create one bitcoin? That is not thin air.
The total bicoin creation will reach 21 million in year 2140, that has nothing to do with the exponential growth of some tulip bulbs, in fact it is the opposite: the bitcoin creation rate has been set to exponentially decrease to zero. It has already been divided by a 4 factor since jan 3rd 2009.

The real problem for bankers and central bankers is that cryptos are doing their job, bringing trust between a two parties transaction without the ability of fraud.
I gave a conference two weeks ago in a business school with a HSBC guy, he told me that in his bank every one is aware of the coming crypto transition, they think that it will change our society far more than did the web.

fakeinternetnews -

A charitable bit of whisper to you in case the "Trump" spin in your sophistry wasn't deliberate sarcasm.


Trump was purchased ass, cock and balls via central banker bailout many years ago when he was defunct in debt. Trump is 100% Israel first.
Anarcho-capitalism Or Else, and you've already got the "else".

Have a nice day.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

If you need to believe that, thats fine with me. If you can work what you said with a critical analysis of what Hillary would have brought to the table, I am all ears. Bottom line for me, Trump represents dodging the bullet from that obvious Globalist.

But lets get this straight, I do not need your charity at all. You are a troll since you do not even have one blog post! However you got a 34 rating is suspicious as all Hells!

I think Trump has surrounded himself with some Globalists. And maybe, you are right and he was a "brand" delivered to the people or there would be riots in the streets.

So far, I am cautiously optimistic. And I give him an 85 out of 100 for doing what he said he would do. I can't think of another POTUS who came close to that in my lifetime. (born in the 60s). No sophistry here. If I come off as a jackass, it's purely unintentional. What's your excuse?

And really for me, the biggest concern I have about Trump and the whole anti-Left movement is that I have noticed none of these people are bringing up 911 and the PNAC goblins that profited from the wars that it brought. And don't even get me started on the collusion and how the whole thing seemed to be allowed to happen. Where are the droves of Trump supporters on that?

Well, Trump did call out Jeb Bush and crushed the hopes of that Dynasty continuing in America. So vote for whatever the hell Pirate party or what ever hippy movement you think you need to get things done in America. My take has always been the classic, "lesser of 2 evils". And unless you are a reactionary far-lefty who finds offense in everything Trump says, I cannot really see anything "evil" in him at all.

Also, you might want to star blogging and build some kind of reader base before you go off accusing me of sophistry. I looked at your account and somehow you are rated as a 34, and yet have not blogged anything yet. So, put you money where you mouth is and maybe stop trolling people. And I am pretty sure no one here gives a shit about your website. So spamming people with it as if we are going to navigate to that backwoods dirt farm to get more of your charming bullshit after you trolled us ain't happening here. Did they teach you that in marketing school? Probably some site with an auto loading virus or some such skullduggery. So, by all means, have an opinion. But write it on your blog and attract readers. Trolling people here gets you the same scorn it does on any other platform.

Sword of Flame +5 vs Trolls!

Yeah! It was the slogan of Obama. He was Globalist puppet supreme!

fakeinternetnews -

Thank you for your reply, here is my next charitable link share for your enlightenment:

Have a nice day.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

Dude, believe whatever you want to believe. Anyone with a high rating like yours with zero blogs reeks of a bought-in account. So, your words mean nothing as you have not worked at all. Anyone can make statements Trump is a Globalist. And while he's not perfect, like I said, he's 85% better than what we've been getting. So, as far as I am concerned you can keep you opinion. It means nothing to me Troll!

fakeinternetnews -

Thank you for your reply, here is my next charitable link share for your enlightenment:

Zerohedge also provides a nice review of Trump's #Israelgate this morning. This is undoubtedly caustic to the Trump cultist collective ego, however truth is always a blessing.

Have a nice day.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

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