the discovery of the figure of hoobit in aceh forest deepen

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Originally , the name of the mante was first introduced by Dr. Snouck Hurgronje in his book, De Atjehers. He defines mante is a term for the vagaries of kebodoh-bodohan and childish. Snouck himself claimed to have never met with the mante.

the dictionary Gayo-Netherlands bouquet of Prof Ibrahim Alfian, mante was used for a group of communities that live in the forest. Other dictionaries, Gayo-Indonesia writings anthropologist Nelalatua, mante defined ethnic groups alienated.

Tribe mante has a distinctive body of Pheasant with a height of about one meter. Long hair flowing to her ass. Some of them are bare.

They have bright skin, muscular body and rugged as well as octagonal face with a narrow forehead. Both eyebrows they met at the base of the nose looks a pug.  can hoobit tell me the real world 

Tribe mante is one of the earliest ethnic become a shaper of ethnic-ethnic in Aceh. This tribe together with other tribes, namely the Pirates, Sakai, Jakun, Sanskrit inscriptions and the Semang, forerunner of tribes that exist currently in Aceh.

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