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RE: "What in the Hell is going on with the Department of Justice?" Trey Gowdy shreds Deputy AG Rosenstein

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I'm not sure if he's a bulldog or a chihuahua...
........what, exactly, did he accomplish with his Hildebeast investigation?

Me thinks it was much do do with no results.... least Jeff Sessions isn't pretending he's doing something..


Good point, but then the Republican Congress got nothing done during Obama's reign of Marxism...if nothing else, Mr. Gowdy gets press, and that means his message does at least reach well outside Congress.

what has the republican congress got done YET?
the republicans control all three branches of government.
what have they accomplished?

I wish I could provide a straight answer, beyond "Trump has done..." lists (deregulation, immigration, FCC, judiciary, etc), but it's difficult to, given their openly broken promises (Repeal the ACA, etc). The broken Obamacare promises alone could cripple GOP "control" in 2018 all by themselves.

best I can tell
everything Trump has done is exactly that
TRUMP did it...executive action
all the rinos have done is shit on the rug, slow him down, and get in the way.

the damn rinos are TRYING to loose.
just like the second bush term
doesn't really matter.
half the time (McCain, Graham and others) vote against Trump anyway.
might as well BE democrats...

Perhaps - but the GOP Senate is approving Trump's judicial appointments - that is, sadly, about all its done.

yup..and if I recall it took a vote by pence to make it happen..
weren't there some traitors?

now, since McConnel got that democrat senator elected even that's gonna be harder.

There have been a lot more than one, and I doubt Pence was needed to push most over the line:

List of federal judges appointed by Donald Trump

I say primary their ass
every last rino that is up for re election in 18

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