Being human together can be weird and messy...

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Being human together can be weird and messy...
... because we come from different vaginas, from all over the world.

Many siblings who come from the same vagina,
and who were raised to see the world in similar ways,
do not even get along well.

So what is supposed to happen when we mash-up
different vaginal outputs, who have ALL been raised
with distorted perceptions about,
and expectations of, self and other??

Well, with care and understanding, we could get:


But hasty, shallow, self-righteous judgments leave us with:


This is why I decided that my mind and my mood
would be regulated by me.

Not by "news" (which is anything but new, and should really be called "olds"),

because it repeatedly loops the same, disabling themes
of fear, division, war, and disease.



And not by social media,

because it is way too influenced by olds.


I am discovering that it is best for me to be inspired and led by Nature, and Her perfectly-beautiful, beautifully-perfect Patterns, Rhythms, Pulses, Seasons, Lessons, and ohmygod SCENTS.

Did you know that, when inhaled, Ylang-Ylang (cananga odorata)

stimulates dopamine production within us??

That "ahhhh" feeling you get after a deep in-breath of this luxurious flower,

which is also an aphrodisiac, comes from our brilliant body making

what is known as "the happiness hormone" right inside of us.


This ylang-ylang clipping from the yard, fragranced my entire apartment for several days.

No poisonous, expensive prescription was needed.

No suicidal, or organ-destroying side-effect snuck in.

Just bliss. By breathing.

Phyto-chemistry, for the win.

In crazy, hate-filled, divisive times,

our NOSE KNOWS which way is up.

Don't let your perceptions be manipulated by media-streams, news-feeds,

or people that leave you feeling poor, weak, enraged, or down-trodden.

Because those disturbing emotions also produce chemical responses.

The kind of chemical responses that create sickness in body and mind.

Self-care includes -- and maybe even begins with -- sensory-care.

"Take time to smell the flowers,"

means more than we may have real-eyes'd.

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That was a delightful read. I also love ylang ylang essence but have never encountered the flower growing.

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Aw, thanks @indigoocean! :-) I hadn't either, and was so impressed by the potency -- and effectiveness -- of simply inhaling it... let alone applying it topically (like you can with its essential oil.)

Speaking of which, anyone living with depression might value this article:

So many vaginas pumping out crazies 😂


🤭🤣 Right, @ceattlestretch?!

Of course, the crazies say the same about you/me.

And who can really say who is right?

I'm kidding, partially... poking fun at the us/them divide...


I am definitely one of the crazies. I don’t trust anyone who claims to be sane

What a cool article. I love the smell of Ylang Ylang - and I wonder if I can find the plant here on the south side of Belize. Yep I have four siblings and no contact with any of them. All younger than me. When I lost my kids I got no support from any of them and they are toxic. Anyway thanks for this article Erika. I must find some Ylang Ylang now. We have tropical flowers here but they are not fragrant and I can't identify them.