The Great American Controversy Over Underage Marriage [Part K]

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 [Please Read Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, Part E, Part F, Part G, Part H,Part I, Part J; Section 1 And Part J; Section 2 Of This Article Before Reading The Segment Below]  

Conclusion To My Argument And Solution To The Issue

As you can see from the contents of my article, not every man over 21 years old who falls in love with an adolescent girl younger than 18 years old is a serial baby rapist waiting to happen. We all need to beware of these legislative actions that would eliminate teenage marriage altogether, because such laws will damage our country in more ways than one can imagine. If you live in a jurisdiction here in the United States of America where no bill to change the marriage laws in that regard has been introduced to your state legislature, contact your local elected officials and tell them that you don’t want these new laws coming to your state. If your elected officials refuse to listen to you, you have the right to vote them out of office once and for all. Remember that these elected officials were voted into office to do what you want them to do. Not the other way around.

If there is a strong level of activism in your state to pass such laws, you still have the right to contact your elected officials and tell them that if such legislation must be entertained, then it should be done so in the form of a proposition or a measure placed on the ballot in the following November election. From everything that you have read here in my article, you will likely gather that such laws would not pass as easily in a state jurisdiction in the event that they were presented as a proposition or a measure on a November ballot, if they did have a chance of passing at all in that respect. Let these fanatical femi-nazis and do-gooders have their fun and games for the time being, and be someone like me who gets to have the last laugh at them when their plot is foiled as a result of their vanity.

Also, when such bills reach the floor of your state legislature, do not be afraid to ask for something in return in the event of their passage. It may be a good time to ask these legislators who are pushing such bills, to expand the death penalty to execute prison rapists as well, because, hey, if some 14-year-old mother’s 19-year-old boyfriend is going to be spending time behind bars, it only makes sense that he does so in a safe environment so that he will be able to support that girl and their baby upon his release. If some thug tries to victimize him sexually while he is serving time, then at least that same inmate of his will be put out of commission for good after he is prosecuted and found guilty of his crimes. If your state jurisdiction doesn’t have the death penalty, perhaps this may be an opportune moment to ask for one.

If you live in a state jurisdiction like the Commonwealth of Virginia where these new laws have already been passed, you have the right to complain about them and take action to seek their repeal. Nothing is ever permanently set in stone, unless, of course, it is implemented into the state constitution of your particular jurisdiction; and, even at that, such an action like that is not completely irreversible. In the meantime, you want to be aware of everything going on around you regarding these new laws and the adverse effects that they are having on your community and your entire state jurisdiction. If you get summoned to jury duty in a carnal knowledge case that involves an adolescent minor and you find that the suspect in that matter is getting unfair treatment from the authorities and the court system, you have the right to vote him as being not guilty despite that he may have actually violated the age-of-consent laws in your state. For example, if you are serving on a jury in a court of law and you encounter a scenario similar to that of Matt Koso and Crystal Guyer Koso in which the only people who stand to benefit from a conviction are the police and the prosecutor, then you have every right to vote that the defendant in that matter is not guilty regardless of whether or not he actually violated the law. If you are a juror in such a case and you feel that the defendant’s actions have amounted to nothing more than just harmless civil disobedience or you just feel that a guilty verdict would not serve justice and the alleged victim’s best interests are not being served in any way, shape or form, you have the right to vote “not guilty” in your capacity as one of the decision-makers in that trial. If you do so, you might not achieve anything more than perhaps a hung jury; but at least the defendant and his attorney will have more time to prepare an even better defense strategy than before to overcome the criminal charges the next time that they have to appear in court for a retrial.

Juries were created in the court system to keep the government from oppressing the people. Don’t allow for anyone to get you to believe that you are breaking the law if you decide to vote with your heart instead of with an unfair law while you are serving on a jury. It is called jury nullification, and, as far as I know, it is perfectly legal in criminal cases of this nature in every state jurisdiction of our nation with the exception of California. After so many such criminal cases receive hung juries or acquittals on jury nullifications, law-enforcement officials and prosecutors will begin to get the message that some of these age-of-consent laws are not popular in their present form and they are not worth wasting the taxpayers’ money on.

We can collectively prevent miscarriages of justice by doing what we feel is right whenever we get summoned to sit on a jury. My intuition is that eventually the new marriage law in the Commonwealth of Virginia and similar laws that may have been passed in other state jurisdictions are eventually going to fail and will ultimately be repealed. Elected officials do not have the right to impose their dogmatic extremist beliefs on their constituents, and we as voters have the right to vote them out of office if they do so. If you find that an elected official is engaging in the same nonsense as Virginia State House Delegate Jennifer McClellan, Virginia State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel, and former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, you have the right to vote that elected official out of office in the next election and it is your prerogative to spread the word about those elected officials and encourage others to vote them out of office too.

In conclusion, underage marriage must remain legal here in the United States of America. Otherwise, our nation will be opening the doorway to a myriad of problems on top of the ones that we already have now. The English Common Law set 12 years old as the minimum marriageable age for girls with parental consent and 14 years old as the minimum marriageable age for boys with parental consent. This law should remain undisturbed as it dates back to the Roman empire and has proven to work since that time era. It is also the only way that our society has of weeding the good apples out from the bad apples. State jurisdictions that have eliminated underage marriage should re-legalize it and re-institute the English Common Law as the determining factor of what the minimum marriageable ages are to be for minors that marry with parental consent here in the United States of America. State jurisdictions that have an unusual number of abuse incidents should implement the judicial approval requirement for minors to get married. Teenage marriage is not an anachronism, and it should never someday become a relic in a museum. We the people have the right to keep the government out of our lives where it doesn’t belong.

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