QAnon on 8chan says bye bye!!! Hello QOnly Board!!!

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Q moves off 8chan on the 5th over to temporary board and then to his own board for Q intel drops only.

Q drops quite a lot of Intel and prepares us for a big week next week.

Link for QAnon Intel Drops is

Click pic to go to Q Post
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Video is deleted. Did you see the conversation with Zach on Infowars? Very telling.


Video is back I had an error in my scheduled for publishing

Thanks for reporting Q! 100% Upvoted and Resteemed!

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Have you seen Infowars - interview with Zach? If not, you must. It is mindblowing and Zach seems to be one of the Q-Annon group. He said that they are a group (handful) - patriots who want to lift the lid and show the truth.


yes but infowars just saying its there q im undecided but there are a few people he could be one but not sure think i found another on twitter

thanks your post! have a nice day