Coinbase Adds New Crypto

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By Ethereum Classic [public domain] via Wikimedia Commons

It is no longer news that new cryptocurrencies gets into the crypto exchange, but news that the largest crypto exchange adds new cryptocurrency.

The Chief executive officer of Coinbase(the most popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange) Brian Armstrong has announced to add a new cryptocurrency called Ethereum Classic to its platform to make the fifth digital cryptocurrency together with the other four cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin) that it is supporting

Immediately after the announcement of the new cryptocurrency (Ethereum Classic), the price of the crypto skyrocketed by about 20% ($12.9 to $16.15). The price is at $13.45 with market capitalization at $1.38 billion, which pop it up to rank the 18th largest crypto as I speak


Ethereum Classic (ETC) which is a digital asset with Ethereum serving as its hard fork came into existence almost a year ago by a group of programmers that disagreed with the modification of the real cryptocurrency, Ethereum.


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