A 33yr old married rape victim narrates her story

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This is a story of Lira (not real name) and she is a married victim of rape. I first published this story in 2013 and something I heard earlier today made me dig this up. I will write about the other incident in a bit.

What is really the cause of rape?
Is it the victims that is to blame for the way they dress or they rapist for raping?
Is rape a way to tell someone how to dress?
What about little children that are raped by pedophiles, were they improperly dressed as well?

  • Read Lira's story below:-

I am a 33 year old business woman happily married with 2 kids and living in Port Harcourt. As a business woman I am into marketing of beauty and health products which is known as Network Marketing and we practically go around the city "hawking" these products and recruiting downlines to enable us grow as that is the way to grow and earn.
This story of what I suffered in the hands of one of my "customers" is a sad one and talking about it sends a sharp pain down my spine and floods my womanhood with regrets and unforgiveness for myself because it lead me to commit murder.
Yes, murder and that is why I am clouded with regrets and unforgiveness for myself. I even cursed the day I was born and wished I never lived to see that unfortunate day and worse of all I was thrown out and all efforts made to find justice was thrown out without recourse to my feelings.


Deacon Frank (not real name) is a friend of the family and has always been a sort of help to us and whenever he is having one of his parties or celebrations, his wife will make sure to invite us and we were always welcomed to their home. Before I started the Network marketing business, I used to work with a real estate/consultancy firm as an accounts manager which later went out of business thereby ending our jobs and this loss of job sent lots of us into the already saturated labour market and that was what informed my decision to start the business which became the bane of my existence.

My husband was against my taking a network marketing job, and that was because he works as a marketer with a major Bank and tells me various stories of the day to day happenings in the marketing field and how women are a target.
I however assured him that "my own kind of marketing" will not be like that of the banks given that I will be my own boss and work at my time.
I never suspected that there was anything sinister with Deacon Frank's persistent pressure for me to keep supplying him and his family drugs and other cosmetic products given that he was loaded, a friend of the family and a deacon in our church, there were times when he would purchase some of these products and give to some members in the church.
So you can imagine my shock and outright paralytic attack when what I am about to narrate happened.

It was a Tuesday morning and I was up about my daily rounds of sale to deliver goods and collect monies for the ones sold before then, and I went to Deacon Frank's office who works with one of these parastatals and as I was about leaving the office after having finished my dealings with Onome the secretary, he walked in and I heaved a sigh of relief knowing I will be getting some monies for all that he owed me. I sat still waiting to be called as usual and when the call came, Onome winked knowingly and I walked into the office and sat down and proceeded to start talking after exchanging pleasantries.


What happened happened very fast and felt like I was watching a Nollywood movie involving Mercy Johnson and Tony Umez, it was like it wasn't happening but it was happening. He dropped a bundle of N1000 notes on my lap and from behind groped my breast and with his mouth close to my ears he started talking of how he has waited to be alone with me and how his wife was no measure to me. The money owed me is just N85,000 and there was N500,000 on my lap and unwanted firm hands on my breasts fondling them with so much pressure. My God is this happening?

At that instance of doing the rundown of what was happening, I sprung out of the chair despite the numbness of my body followed by the invasion of my privacy by a man known to be a family friend and deacon in our church, I headed for the door but was stopped short by Deacon Frank who by now was smiling at me.
"What is this nonsense about?" I shouted at the top of my voice hoping Onome will hear and run into the office to save me from whatever was happening or waiting to happen.
"Relax Lira, I mean no harm, I really need you and have waited so long for this opportunity to be with you," he spoke out of excitement and when he noticed I was looking at the door he said these words that sent the chilliest of chills down my spine.
"Don't bother to shout or run for the door because no one can hear you and I have taken the liberty to lock the door, so cooperate"... "My God, what is the meaning of this Deacon Frank?" I muttered
Seriously by now I was dead and had no idea I was crying and pleading with my knees on the ground. He ignored my plea and went on talking and telling me of what he was ready to do for me and that nobody needs to know. He kept walking towards me and by now I could see the budge of him penis pushing against his trouser and I could see traces of wetness on him and I just knew I was done for, immediately I brought out my phone to try to make a call but failed to see what was like a flash of light delivered with a flat surfaced pound of flesh.

After what appeared like a glimpse of flashing light moving at 298km per hour, I blacked out.
My GOD! I had just been slapped by Deacon Frank minutes after he grabbed my breast and asking me to cooperate, and he is a friend of the family, a deacon in our local church and there are talks of him being ordained a pastor soon.
I was being raped by a very respected deacon right inside his office and I could barely move as I watched him from a haze of daze pull down my panties from inside my skirt and spread my legs out while he eased himself inside me......sobs.

The whole incident happened so fast that even when he was done I couldn't move my legs and my face ached terribly, I had just been raped and was raped by a deacon in our local church right inside his office. What was I to do? I am at a lost and hurt and couldn't believe what had just happened, I was raped.

As I listened to Lira narrate her story, I couldn't help but wipe from my eyes welled up tears that were threatening to burst out like a free water supply scheme.
She later went on to tell me how she became drawn after the incident and almost took her own life when she discovered she was pregnant after 3 weeks of the incident and how she went on to abort the baby for fear that she may be carrying the deacon's child.
All effort to get the deacon to pay for his devilish act was blocked with money and it was the church that waded in and suspended the deacon after investigations were carried out and it was discovered that her case wasn't the first but that she was the first to speak out.

Like Lira, there are hundreds of women out there getting raped by men I consider dirty cockroaches that should be smashed. I wonder at the rising trend and the rate at which it is catching on with lots of innocent women and young girls becoming preys. Now, no one is free as young boys are now being targeted by some sick twisted minds.

Many women suffer from that horrible wave of injustice and when it happens, they are faced with so many demons and till date I fear justice hasn't really been served because these stories of women getting raped is treated with kid gloves and in most cases, the offenders become "overnight celebrities" while the "Victims" are subjected to a life of fear, panic, sickness, disapproval, monitoring, constant scrutiny, rehabs, counseling and all that package of craziness to help them feel really sorry for themselves and wish they weren't born.


I am of the opinion and full belief that Rape is wrong and shouldn't be meted out on anyone for whatever reason and when such incidences occur, strict penalties should apply.

The world is at its highest level of civilization and the price we pay for evolving is a bunch of crazy people wreaking havoc on the world and doing all the wrong things from Looting to armed robbery to assassination, civil unrest, political power play, rape, militancy, terrorism etc.

Have you or someone you know been raped?
How did you or how did they fare?
Will you talk about it to help others learn and guide themselves against future incidences?

Talk to someone today and initiate the healing process.

Make the world a better place for someone today!
Join us in creating a truly decentralized offline for all. Support STACH.Stc.JPG

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I believe rapists deserve to be imprisoned for lifetime; and Child-rapists should be hanged to death.

Should be shot in the right in the eyes or ears rather and have enough minutes to feel the pain before dying.

Would a responsible man rape?

too pathetic

To me, annoying maggots that should be meshed mercilessly.

I felt rage while reading this.

A guy buys a girl a nice gown and he already thinks he has access to her body.....
Such objectification!

This is just madness, arrant madness. There can never be any acceptable excuse for rape. The men who indulge in this act are animals exhibiting their basest and immoral instincts and surprisingly you find a lot of them in high echelons of the society. Rape is callous, dehumanizing, totally degrading and any offender should be made to face the full wrath of the law.... But again I wonder if there are actually laws in place to deal with this gangrenous monster because a lot of them walk free after commiting the act, to commit yet another one. From the pew to the pulpit, nobody can be vouched for..... It is a disheartening trend but may God have mercy on His church. Thank you once again for this post pointing to one of the worst societal malaise of our day.

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I pray that God will give men brain. Its so pathetic

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Lord!!! these are the kind of things i stand for and i talk about so much that people often ask me whether i have been raped including my sister but then i explain that i dont need to have experienced it i just need to imagine it happening to me to get me boiling down to my soul.....I usually feel so much disgust and pain when i think of these hings.... For goodness sake there are women willing to offer their bodies even for free why must you now force the ones that re not interested in it at all....My pain in these issues is not the rape in itself but the stigma the society associates the rape with and more painful is the fact that they always look for a way to blame the woman.... either accusing her of seducing the man, or talking of her clothes, or why she was alone with the man....in my mind these are just stupid and ignorant excuses meant to shield the man from the consequences of his action... does being horny mean one has become insane or has lost hold of his senses... i can go on and on but truth is we need to stop blaming women for these things and women need to start opening up more....@ejemai thank you for bringing out this...the more these shameless acts are aired in the open the more we realise that there are really some wolves in sheep clothing all around us