The Blackest of All Magick

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Who are the eudaimones? Do your courts have lawyers or attorneys? Do you have trial by jury or with jury? What is the difference between liberty and freedom? Who are the sea people? What is stramineus homo? Who owns your name? Are you a person? Are you sovereign? Do sovereigns hold assets or own property? Who is the real Governor of America? Who was the Office of Secretary of Treasury transferred to?

If you discharged debt to acquire something, do you really own it? Who creates Canon Law? What compels specific performance in paying the interest? What do you own in allodium? What did you have to register? Are you free? Why are you working harder and harder and making less and less? How do you restore America? How do you become American again? Are you flesh and blood or civilly dead? How did the globalists steal America? Why should Americans avoid all currency that isn’t backed by money? What is a Federal Child? Can you name one market that isn’t rigged? What denies you rights to real property? What does a judge ruling on statues become? What capacity is he acting in? Who is Lady Shore Leave? What is your honor? Do you have it? Will you stay in it? Did you accept their contract? What is money? Who owns the debt? Who has been made liable? Were your founding fathers agents of the Crown? Does Congress have the power to grant letters of marque and reprisal? Do your officers of “the law” wear military uniforms and have military ranks? Do dark occultists use you through usury and usufruct?

Is there anything you own that cannot be “legally” taken from you? What is the origin of hide and seek? Are you hiding from Truth or seeking it? What is the real history of Great Britain? Are you stock traded in their mar-ket? Who are the Anunnaki? Are you the first partaker of your fruits? What really happens the moment you touch a Bible in a courtroom? If you fail to assert your rights, do you have any? If you do not deny, do you admit? What is a Hebrew? Do you know the Truth? Would you wager your soul that you know? Should he or she who bears the burden derive the benefit? Can someone else re-present you in the natural world? Who is the daemon of many names? What month commences Bethsaida? Why does it correspond to 9? Do you guide? Do you lead? Do you seek out? Do you track? Can you perceive with your intellect? Have you figured out how to use your uraeus? What crown rises and sets with the Scales of Judgment? What does chaos sorcery do to the collective hive mind? What is the Triple Crown? What is the Crown of Thorns? What is the blood of Christ? When is it harvested? What does the Virgin at the feet of Jesus represent? Why, then, should I think upon a maid? Who are the devout men carrying Stephen away? Canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? Is Simon not a sorcerer? Where does the name John come from? Who are the Four Evangelists? What are the Guardians of Heaven? What does Fomalhaut bring? Who is Janus? Who is the angel of death? Who is the angel of life? What is the sphinx’s face of a man? Who is the Man of Reuben? Why did they name modern cities after ancient occult mysteries?

Are you subject to whatever law government makes and whatever beliefs it subscribes to? Are you responsible in a performance debt and contract of citizenship to ensure that the citizen, the person that you are acting in, the straw man, follows the law? What do you know about fishers of men? What do you know about Luciferians? Who is the Cult of the Black Sun? Who are the Inversive Brethren? Who are the dark architects? What are the five wounds in the Lamb? What is IO’s Hell? What is the Holy Hill? What is the keystone in the Royal Arch? Read Spirit Whirled.


I ordered the paperback version of Spirit whirled. The research you have done is astounding. Sadly, for now most don't get it , babblings about technology have more succes than truth, and all the time it's affecting their everyday lives.

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