Migrants scaling Trump's wall with $5 ladders!

in #news3 years ago

This piece comes from The Independent so it really is no surprise that it is filled with a complete lack of journalistic integrity. I don't know if this news publication ever did have any ethics, but they certainly don't now.


Left-leaning publications desperately want the wall to be ineffective. I mean they want it so badly that if they had a chance to contribute physically to its destruction I am quite certain they would do so. In this trash article they continually refer to it as "Trump's Wall" in an attempt to smear not just the wall, but the man behind its expansion.

They quote a part of an individual agent and then show part of his statement that they can bend into what they want to be true rather than what the guy was actually saying. At no point did the agent say that the wall was ineffective, but he was just pointing out that because of the wall, criminal organizations are resorting to different tactics.... namely, they have to find a way to scale the wall whereas previously they just walked over the unprotected border.

They then present a statistic that actually means the opposite of what they are trying to project. They state that the amount of apprehensions have doubled since last year, when there was no wall in this area. I know that the numb-nuts over at The Independent would like their readers to believe that this means that there are twice as many people attempting to cross but anyone with partial brain activity can see that a doubling is apprehensions might just be an indicator that the increased security might actually be working better than having nothing there.

Say what you will about wanting to prevent illegal immigrants... that is not what this is about. In my mind it is common sense: having a wall is more effective than not having one.


The name of the news publication is meant to convey that they are unbiased, but they are about as "independent" as Amy Schumer's acting career is based on actual ability rather than connections.

They put things in quotes that shouldn't be (such as the $5 ladders - which they have no idea how much they cost), take statistics and use them to make a case in something that can't even be quantified at best and at worst actually indicates the opposite of what their point is, and then use the last two sentences to take a stab at the fact that Mexico is not paying for the wall - which doesn't really have anything to do with the article's main point anyway.

But the point of the article wasn't really the wall anyway, it was just more "Orange Man Bad" stuff that The Independent churns out every single day.

Basically, this is bad and dumb journalism.... but that is what this publication and many others like it specialize in.



well, we can expect this sort of criticism to continue in perpetuity. Any little hiccup will be blown up and any failure of security celebrated. However, these publications that aren't convincing any of his fans to dislike him - quite the opposite i would imagine.

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