De Niro hates Trump? I'm so surprised!

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So De Niro is back in the news with an expletive laden rant about how much he hates Trump. This time he stepped up the school-yard psychobabble a bit. At least he is upping his game. I love it when people are always trying to achieve more.


De Niro sat down with Michael Moore on a podcast or something that I'm not going to listen to because if it has Michael Moore at the helm, it is going to be a loaded game of dice from the start.

De Niro who is famous for being a bit unhinged in regards to DJT had in the past said that he "wanted to punch him in the face." Now Robbie boy says that he would " to see a bag of shit right in his face and let the picture go all around the world."

Now I'd be willing to bet that some nutjob is going to try to do exactly that, kind of like the "milkshake thing" that happened to a few U.K. politicians. Only if this happens, if you assault the President of the United States,there is going to be very very serious consequences for said crazy person. It doesn't matter if you don't like a politician - I personally don't like almost all of them, but this is a bad idea for De Niro to have said this, because if it happens, he could be in trouble as well.

However, I don't really care about all that, mostly I think that celebrities are terribly out of touch with us normal folks but some of them run off at the mouth about all manner of things, many of which they don't know anything about. This article was only picked up by trash outlets like Vox anyway.

Here is why this is really bad for De Niro. Robert has been complaining that he doesn't have much money, which is hard for us to understand since he makes millions on every mostly terrible film that he makes. He has briefly come back to the limelight with his performance in The Irishman, and maybe he had a chance of getting back to the in-crowd but then immediately fucks it up.

This is bad for De Niro because he isn't exactly in high demand in Hollywood anymore and once you have 48% of the population that is likely going to refuse to pay to see anything you are involved in, your stock just became worth a lot less. When I recently went to see Joker members of the crowd cheered when his character was executed.

This story is dumb because it isn't really news: Most Hollywood celebrities are anti-Trump so when I hear that De Niro is part of that crew, here is my reaction.

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Can you imagine if a celebrity had wanted to smear shit on Obama...

they wouldn't be a celebrity anymore, thats for sure. Kind of like that rodeo clown that had worn a mask poking fun at the current president since Reagan. Once he wore an Obama mask he was all of sudden "racist" and got fired. It's a crazy world aint it?

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When celebrities speak out on almost anything other than acting or whatever else they are famous for i normally want to slap them. Deniro should give a speech on how to make rubbish comedies - he's an expert in that.

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