The famous story of Kristoffer Koch and how he got rich with bitcoin

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In 2009, Norwegian electrical engineer Kristoffer Koch came into contact with a novelty: bitcoin, a virtual currency that promised to take power away from financial institutions over economic transactions. He decided to venture out and spent just over $ 20 to acquire 5,000 bitcoins. He only remembered the subject four years later. He spent a whole day trying to remember his password and found that the speculative adventure had paid him nearly $ 890,000, the equivalent of 3 million reais.

From July 2015 until today, the price of bitcoin jumped from 260 dollars to 2625. The speculative fever has already brought in Brazil. Although its operation remains incomprehensible for the vast majority of the population, there are more and more people who see bitcoins as the possibility of becoming a new Koch and obtaining exceptional financial returns.

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