Exclusive !!! The New Trailer of Game Of Thrones 7 !!!!

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On yesterday, social networks were crazy about the new Trailer of Game of Thrones for season 7. This is the second full trailer of one of the most watched shows of all time

It remains less than a month to the first episode of the seventh season of the cult series, reversing the notions of television production.

What does the audience expect in Season 7 of "Game on Thrones"?
The new season is filled with new revelations about the different storylines of the series. Possible attack on the genus Lannister? Battle against the army of the undead?

The rise of Sansa Stark
"Do not fight north or south, lead every battle, everywhere, always in your mind," these are the words of the Puppet, most likely directed at Sansa Stark, at the beginning of the trailer. . Maybe he tells her how to seize the Seven Kingdoms.

The long-awaited return of Bran
Finally, six seasons later, Bramn reached Valla. And that means many things. It is time to demonstrate your strength in the final battle. He'll probably come together with the other members of the Stark family. And maybe he would tell John Snow about his real parents. This is one of the series's most anticipated storylines.

John Snow in battle with the White Brodits
In one footage of the trailer, one sees someone struggling with the most recognizable of the White Army's army. And it's probably John Snow

What still awaits all admirers of the Season 7 Series, you can see in the trailer:

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Can't wait. I love this show. The trailer looks awesome.

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