JSECoin - Mining Crypto Currencies In (or With) Your Browser

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Now that's an interesting idea: instead of expensive hardware hashing meaningless numbers, why not putting some CPU power at work while a user is browsing your website? Think about it... Inserting a small JavaScript code that will take a bit of CPU cycles while your user is reading your latest blogpost, helping the network going on... Sounds too good to be true?

Maybe. But some guys already thought about it and launched a coin called JSECoin. I presume the "JS" part comes from JavaScript and I hope they won't have any issues with that. Anyway, you can find more info, including a White Paper, here.

The product is somewhere between an MVP and beta, with a strong penchant towards MVP. There are still a few rough edges but it seems the implementation does work. I installed it on a few websites I run (including steem.supply) and I will monitor them constantly to see how it's going.

If they will position themselves as an alternative way of monetizing content, complementary to AdSense, I can see an interesting path for them. If they grow enough, Google will be put in the position of either marginalize them brutally, or buy them, which will then mark Google's debut as a player in the cryptocurrency area.

You can join it here, they also have a referral program (disclaimer: this link is an aff link).

The times, they are changing.

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Thanks @dragosroua for sharing this interesting coin, i registered and started mining... was very smooth...

Sounds pretty interesting, I'll take a look, thanks for sharing

time is certainly changing for sure and this is just the beginning more new changes to follow

Being Webmaster is a great project for me. Thank you for this great discovery, I will try right away.

very nice information sir, i am trying it right now.

So I have started mining on this website too, hope for the best :p

Wow! This is really an awesome idea. Thanks for the info.

Wait... you can mine currencies with your browser.
I can't wait to see this in full swing
I'll be sure to look into it more @dragosroua

Very nice information Friend..

amigo #resteemia at your service

'mining via web browser' an innovative concept. hope to try this one. nice sharing @dragosroua

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Well people now mining on android phones, and it is damn easy, I myself am doing it, I mean its just simple now lol

Mining via browser and source code developed on JavaScript! Wow that's an interesting news!
Thank you very much for sharing such great news!


No no no please I don't wanna see big players like Google in crypto at all. Let crypto develope through tough competition, if it is possible.

Hmm. But that is ok with trusting that website? Meaning, if it can be done without using bad code for the client.

And won't it loading the browser too much?

I see that the trends for websites is to loading so much browsers and at some point it kills ram and even cpu. Adding that...

As ideea is a good one. But think that is the way spammers use computers now to bad things.

Thanks for presenting that info.

@dragosroua - Sire, JSECoin mined on browser with javascript. Good news Sire. I will mine that coin Sire.

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Wow alot is happening and future wil tell if it succeeds

Very good info, I will give it a try.

CPU is much less efficient for hashing than GPU, about 1:100 less efficient.

I have been suspecting for months now that this is already being done by Youtube, Dailymotion and every other site which feels like raping my CPU (I have no GPU in this machine)
I also suspect Opera for CPU abuse regardless of browsing.
Opera became like malware, and since I uninstalled it, I stopped feeling like I have to replace my 7 years old PC.

CPU and RAM rape, among security reasons is why I am happy disabling Javascript as a default on my main browser, which is why I abandoned Firefox as my main browser and will never forgive its developers and management for their decision from 2013 (after Firefox 22 and after 28).

I prefer the old fashioned monetization.

what is the profitability of this coin?
and Do check my post https://steemit.com/life/@pranjalphukan/my-journey-of-losing-weight

Thanks @dragosroua. I just made an account in JSECoin :)