JSECoin ICO Now Live - 10% Early Bird Bonus

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It's not that common to see a crypto project bootstrapping and actually building something for a year, and only after they built a relevant product and a decent customer base, to see it applying for an ICO.

And yet, that's exactly what JSECoin did: they are on the market for exactly one year, in which they actually build a lot. Here's just a very, very short list of that:

  • an opt-in only, browser mining blockchain, fully working
  • a built-in referral system, fully working
  • web and platform mining
  • merchant tools (something that I want to see on Steemit as well)

They did all this before the ICO. Kind of mind boggling, right? As we're accustomed to see promises first, buy the utility token and wait for a few months or years to see a real product instead of some nice PowerPoints.

Well, their ICO day is finally here, the JSECoin sale is live and you can see all the details here:

The token value has been set at 0.006 USD, so 1 ETH = 75000 JSE + 10% early bird bonus.

Also, I thought it would be useful to share this part from their presentation:

JSEcoin is the first and most popular opt-in only browser mined blockchain. What we are building has the opportunity to disrupt a $200 billion ad-tech industry and bring cryptocurrency to a mainstream audience. With 80,000+ registered users, 20,000+ publisher websites and over 25,000,000 opted-in miners we are on our way to achieving this.

The ICO will close as soon as the cap is reached and tokens will be sold on a first come first served basis. The time window is 91 days, though.

Disclaimer: I support this project and I own some JSECoin tokens.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

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I have been using their browser mining and website publisher script for some months now and I was able to mine and earn some jsecoin. I think I will try and buy some jsecoin to support this project, because this project is going to be huge in future @dragosrua

They start with the ideea of 1JSE to be 1USD and now it end up 0.006
I knew that 2000% bonus that happen like 3 months ago will affect the price.
Anyway they will be listed soon so the market will let us know the value...


Hmmm, it started with $1, but then they increased the supply in such a way that 1 new JSE will be 0.006. It's in a blog post called Token Economics on their site, if I remember well.

You believe a lot in crypto currencys?


I believe in humans that are using crypto currencies to solve real problems, in a more efficient way than before.

I am sold, but won't be able to buy big. Just some change that would allow me to be a part of this project - just to have some stake. Frankly I am stretched financially but have some other coins that I am looking to get rid of in favor of better ones

Wish the market took walk down a similar path

What's the minimum purchase limit???
Is it 1 ETH or can it be lesser???


I think it can be less than 1ETH, hav a look at their ICO page.


How can I send SBD from blocktrades to metamask???


You can't/. The easiest way is to trade SBD for ETH.

Is there any airdrop available for the JEScoin? How can I get this JEscoin?


No airdrop, but you can install their script on a website you own, and you can generate JSECoin already by letting your visitors mine with their browser. It's a very transparent process, and, like I said, completely opt-in, meaning your users can decline at any time to mine, if they wish so.

Nice information earn about jsecoin. Thanks friend.

@dragosroua ....thanks for sharing this information. ...keep sharing with us. .

HEY. My friend @red-rose advised me to support you
I am new
I do not spam but I am weak in English
I will vote for your witness
I do not begging from you anything but I want to be one of your friends
I wish you happy life

This is the ico that i want to take part in lot has happened over the year and they stood by it

@dragosroua 0.006 usd it is fixed price of this token?

i fill airdrop .i receive 1000 coins. good potential in this project . how much price expected open.