Snowflakes Are Useful Idiots #21: Real Critical Thinking Has Disappeared From Our Universities

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"The professor’s Facebook likes include convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, former U.S. Communist Party leader Angela Davis and Beautiful Me(s): Finding our Revolutionary Selves in Black Cuba." (Eric Owens)

Abraham Miller's examination of the cesspools our universities have become is a must read:

But practitioners of virtue and moral certainty never have enough time or opportunity to disseminate their propaganda. Those who sought to convince the progeny of the racist, sexist, and homophobic society of the evil of their prior political and cultural socialization—not to mention their white privilege—seized upon the residence halls to further indoctrinate students.
This lead to compulsory sensitivity sessions that would have made the creators of the Soviet-style workmen’s circles jump with joy. Instead of being made to confess one’s mechanistic thinking, as was necessary in the workmen’s circle, it now became necessary to confess one’s white privilege or other aspects of oppressive and privileged behavior.

In other words, the Left wasn't getting the results they wanted in the classrooms of America, so they assaulted the dorms, too. Lest you think this process of Marxist indoctrination begins at the college campus, Todd Starnes reports of an "art project" within New York's Shenendehowa Central School District that encouraged Shen High School students to denigrate President Trump. (No, it doesn't start there, either - elementary schools are not immune to Marxist brainwashing.)

Bernard Goldberg echos a similar theme:

"As for the grownups on campus: Some of them are just as radical as their illiberal students, and too many others tolerate liberal intolerance because they're afraid to speak up, fearing a backlash. They are the real cowards of academia."

Two stories out of DePaul University, both underscoring the university's continuing assault upon the First Amendment while the administration pimps their "support" for free speech.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, New York high school kids are encouraged to "express themselves":

Todd Starnes has the story...

  • Caruso, Justin: DePaul revises speech policies to promote social justice
  • “Among limits on free speech listed in the free speech guidelines are the needs for a respectful learning environment, civil discourse, amplifying marginalized voices, social justice, university business, and an unlisted ‘variety of circumstances,’” he explained. “In light of that, I don’t think any student should feel safe under these guidelines. If anything, the guidelines flat-out tell you the university thinks lots of things are more important than your speech rights.”
  • Dillon, Kassy: DePaul launches free speech lecture series - after banning conservatives
  • "The administration’s frequent boastings about how much the university values open discussion is entirely at odds with its suppression of conservative speakers and ideas. We wholeheartedly reject the notion that the university is worried about large protests at our proposed Shapiro event and believe that the administration is using the guise of ensuring safety to cover up its ongoing crusade against DePaul conservatives."

    "Respected" only after mandatory indoctrination, that is.

  • Goldberg, Bernard: Cowards of Academia
  • "We can see here at Harvard how our inattentiveness to the power and appeal of conservative voices left much of our community astonished, blindsided by the outcome of last fall's election," she said. "We need to hear those hateful ideas so our society is fully equipped to oppose and defeat them."
    Get it? One of the reasons liberals should listen to conservative voices is because they're hateful and need to be vanquished -- by warm and welcoming liberal ideas.
  • Humphrey, Clifford: It’s Time To Stop Our Cold Civil War From Heating Up
  • All of this intolerance has been building toward the war against freedom of speech. Within the last year, we have witnessed several notable demonstrations of the Left’s refusal to tolerate the existence of differing opinions. Such refusal is a rejection of the constitutional structure of our politics, a refusal to play by the rules to which we all agreed. These examples of “principled” moral stands rest on the claim that the other side’s opinions are simply beyond the pale.
  • Miller, Abraham: How U.S. Universities Became Institutions That Close American Minds
  • The assault on free speech has become so commonplace in U.S. universities that CNN’s Fareed Zakaria felt compelled to speak openly about the obvious: conservatives have been shut out of the marketplace of ideas on American campuses. Of course, it is not just conservative speakers that are shut down on many campuses; it is also conservative ideas in the classroom, or any ideas with which the Left disagrees.
  • Owens, Eric: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: Taxpayer-Funded University Mulls Requiring Gender Studies For All Students
  • Rodriguez is the author of two books including “Suspended Apocalypse: White Supremacy, Genocide, and the Filipino Condition.”
    The professor’s Facebook likes include convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, former U.S. Communist Party leader Angela Davis and Beautiful Me(s): Finding our Revolutionary Selves in Black Cuba.
  • Starnes, Todd: Public School Art Show: Burn in Hell, Trump
  • “There are some pretty ugly things on those pictures,” Marnie Messitt told me. “It’s all about hate speech and division and indoctrination. There’s no place for that in the school.”
    She said people are getting sick and tired of public schools disparaging the president.

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If it's not STEM
it's a hobby.

Ahh. The errors of Russia. Now in America.

A reductively atheistic materialist world-view which aims at undermining anything Christian in society;
An ideology that is disconnected from Truth and reality;
A cultural Marxism that later permeated also the West with the help of the Frankfurt School and Antonio Gramsci’s ideas;
A revolutionary socialistic spirit that undermines especially major aspects of family life – especially with the help of feminism, divorce and abortion;
A Hegelian dialectic philosophy, along with dialectic materialism, which claims that strife and ongoing contention in society are necessary in order to bring about higher and unfolding forms of life; such an approach essentially denies and purportedly transcends the principle or law of non-contradiction.
A form of governing “revolutionary socialism” that is also constitutionally called “Democratic Centralism,” the latter formulation meaning that things have the appearance of being openly democratic, yet they are all centrally organized and managed in the background (Dr. Robert Hickson recently applied this principle to the current situation in the Church – especially with regard to the Family Synods – here);
A disregard for tradition and for the traditional institutions of society (or now of the Church, such as the Curia?) as “counter-revolutionary forces”;
A deceitful misuse of language with the intent to manipulate the public;
A method of branding one’s own opponents with sweeping and demeaning epithets that abstractly categorize them as “right-wing” or “counter-revolutionary”;
An approach to ongoing revolutionary changes where there is both “a slow path” and “a fast path” of the Revolution; such is “the Dialectic” and the “dialectical process”;
Toward more moderate and compromising opponents, one first tries to incorporate them into the professed new system so as to use them as Lenin’s “useful idiots” in the sense that they help give to the world the illusory idea that nothing has really changed;
As a last element – but of course a very important and painful one for those who lived under Communism – there is a constant sense of distrust and fear, unto the imprisonment and killing of one’s intransigent opponents.


Thank you for that - I sometimes wonder if I am pissing into the wind with this series. Upvoted, followed.


Sending kids to university should be considered a violation of human rights . Socialist and communist indoctrination camps. Just anyone admit morals or religion in class and they become targets.

I really can't believe that people are swallowing this garbage. Some of the quotes had me wanting to throw up while at the same time so glad I dodged a bullet and didn't go to college and now I have a real job that makes peoples heads spin when I tell them. You're right about indoctrination starting in grade schools. Too often the books being forced on us (while some good books) are there to just make students hate reading, which is even easier (and in my opinion better) than book burning. While for history, we are not taught real history, and also taught to hate it. I really feel like the intent of schools is to teach useless stuff and show it as important while the real stuff is so poorly taught that this generation learns to hate it. But it is there that lies the weakness, those that wake up to this can turn it on those who shoved it down our throats. Looking forward to future posts!


I know exactly how you feel. People are going to have to understand - and ACCEPT - that we are in a civil war - and if we lose, liberty is lost. This nonsense cannot continue. Followd, upvoted.


It is only a warm-civil war for now, but you're right, pressure is building, and things will turn ugly. My real concern is not the regressives and SJW's, but who is backing them. If it was just between those who support the Constitution and the land whales we could have ended this already, but the puppeteers are watching and have real armies behind them. Survival skills will be necessary.