if i was owner of visa i would sell everything and buy crypto

im glad im in crypto gold and silver

Keep dropping gems Jeff!!!

All centralized payment systems are prone to failure...simply not good enough in this day and age when we rely so heavily on technology.

My bet on Decentralization. One network fail thousands to support you. Centralization is old method

Can't wait til EOS runs the world. :P

It is written in javascript. ;) I think that's all I have to say.

It is written in javascript. ;) I think that's all I have to say.

I suppose that crypto will change the world and waiting to see this order change.


Could this be more bullish news to kick off the next bull run?

What is the catalyst for this?

A strong bull signal for cryptos is when you have a massive international payment behemoth like Visa experiencing chaos because of hardware failure within it's centralized "old world" system. BTC has been online since 2009 and, due to it's decentralized nature, if one node or even several fail the system will not shut down. This is a new world system. Each time the failings of the current financial services industry reveals itself to consumers it's another opportunity for cryptos to gain more traction.

Crypto will never die
But we are in a bear market and it’s not going away anytime soon. Bitcoin won’t see new highs till at least mid 2019

your Dtube video has stopped working, sending me into a frenzy!

Our financial system is so archaic

Never been a better time to get into cryptos. I wonder what's next..

And you think Cryptos are safer. Digital money is digital money be it crypto or plastic. They ran to cash not crypto.

My bets on Visa. Sorry crypto boys.

Nope. Decentralization is the next logical step in our technological evolution. To not continue down this road is to impede future progress, which, obviously, is not in the common man's best interest or that of all of humanity's, for that matter.

The people who have the most to gain by rigging a centrally controlled system will fight against this tooth and nail but they will lose in the end, as their games become more and more exposed the more traction these decentralized, autonomous systems grow. In other words, the writing is already on the wall. It's only a matter of time before many of the current archaic systems (a big one being the financial systems) are upgraded across the board and that benefits all of us.

I hope you’re right but very powerful people will be fighting this thing.

The more crypto currencies you use, the less power the Wizzards of Oz have. They fucked us with printed paper. You can't finance war with Bitcoin. What they're going to try now is total surveillance, so no resistance can form. They pick out individuals. Keywords: AI face recognition, predictive policing etc. pp.

A cashless society is a dystopy.

Todos estos sistemas dejaran de ser.entra el periodo de el mundo virtual... mi país lucha por desprenderse de bancos intermediarios y pasar a monedas virtuales y que el usuario tena la libertad de escoger la de su preferencia...

me too

The digital cashless empire took a huge credibility blow Friday as Visa card holders all over Europe were unable to make transactions.

Caused by an apparent ‘hardware failure,’ the widespread network outage affected large portions of the continent---a region that’s already made dangerous moves toward a cashless society.

That's pretty epic!!

That's exactly why I can't understand anyone thinking "cashless" is a good idea. Our payment systems still suck. lmao

Very good information, great friend, congratulations, very interesting information and good graphics

Very interesting post friend all systems have or are prospens to fail at some point I think that is the cost when you depend so much on technology

In point! Well done.

Great video, very informative.

I can't wait till we all become free of these big top hats.

great work super and real videos i am watch your video top of the world

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It's very interesting to observe the situations in societies which jump from cash to crypto bypassing 'plastic cards' stage

One day, we'll see credit cards go down across the world. It's gonna be a royal pain in the butt, but will probably be a good teaching moment for society.

and bitcoin has been going without interruption for 9+ years insane!

Bitcoin price is now 7.518,45 $

you know what has never been interrupted in 9 years? oh yeh that thing called bitcoin :)

Great post! Terrific information about the Visa crash.

Gold, silver or any other type of precious metals are most likely the only thing that have value with or without the internet. Never ever go cashless, it just increases the chances of you losing everything without even seeing it coming.

What happens if human figure out how to create gold and silver or find new massive reserves? Prices will drop drastically! its possible!

Can't they create artificial diamonds now, which are indistinguishable from real diamonds? If they can do it with diamonds why not gold?

I sad it's highly unlikely they will do that, because during the time of mass panic when people lose their wealth they don't want gold to lose its value, if it does it'll send the public into mass confusion and even if they found a gold reserve they'll keep it hidden because a news like that could hit the price of gold negatively.

Very interesting issues. I couldnt believe it happened.


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