Socialist Insecurity: A Cruel Joke You Probably Won’t Get

in news •  11 months ago 
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Well said Jeff, the Borrowing from the future to fund the present will end soon.

Thanks for exposing this issue,NEVER USE ANY TAX/THEFT FUNDED STATE SERVICES! THE STATE WILL NEVER SAVE YOU, THEY ARE THE BIGGEST THIEVES AND GANG OF CROOKS! I found my passion, it is on helping voluntaryism expand and using Steemit as a tool to spread anarchy/peace! Socialist insecurity is coercion and Bernie Sanders is an economic illiterate and he doesn't know anything about how the free market works and how it actually helps people (Preventing monopolies!). Great work Jeff! :D

I plan on trading fire wood for crypto for a living, not sure I will be too involved in this pyramid scheme. They sure do have a funny way of dragging us in no matter what we do for sure though.

It's the same in Europe. Retirement at 67 and a shitty pension to live on.

nice what you said

But one thing has to be said. The Fiat money is also used to finance social peace. Once the system is gone, it is our responsibility to help other people in need. This can no longer be blamed on others. Freedom comes with responsibility.

100% right. I made some similar points in my blog.

At this point we are in the downward spiral. There is no political will to change the system and young wage earners will just continue to be pushed down until the whole thing collapses.

Never paid a dime into that scam!!!!!!!!!!

Ah yes, the grand scam! But so much out there is about "borrowing from the future to fund the present." And a lot of Social Security statements now include a line "advising taxpayers to make alternative arrangements for retirement."

Oh well; a lot of people are starting to live with the idea that "retirement" is increasingly becoming an archaic term. You pretty much get to work till you die.... you're INside the system, you work till you die. You try to go OUTside the system, and the support mechanisms are so thin (except for a lucky few) that you work till you die.

Oh well...


That was a great speech Jeff! I know you are Canadian, and I am not up to date on how their retirement program works. But, the more people warning us about the failings of the USA's Social Security the better.

And, I fully support the idea of being able to live anywhere I want someday. The avenues I've made into crypto, so far, are awesome, despite the recent synthetic dip.

Any idea you have for accelerating independence, I would be interested in hearing. But, I also feel the need to stand my ground and fight out the information war being waged by independent journalists against mainstream media.

Then again, being born in Hawaii and growing up in Pensacola, it will not take me much to want live closer to the equator.

Well said I was forced onto "Universal Credit" England version and it very nearly destroyed my life. I will never play into the hands of those bastards again. One of my early posts was the story of it!

Would love to join the Dollar vigilante have followed for years but unfortunately I am still paying for my time on Universal Credit but soon I will 💯🐒

Nice vid; can't speak for others, but my parents had warned me from a young age that I should not expect the retirement benefits from government to still be available by the time it is my turn to collect.

Don't trust that the government will be able to care for you through their ponzi schemes, when they collapse they collapse hard.

Love it JB! Keep'em comin' my man... Learning resources to correct your civil status to divorce washington dc: Go to resources page / tab.,, Viva Freedom & La Republica!

Great video, not surprising at all. However, I believe it will be subsidized into infinity. Imagine millions of elderly baby boomers rolling on the white house, canes and walkers in hand. Lets hope crypto replaces all establishment financial industries at a contiguous slow pace, so as not to hurt the elderly.

I've watched so many of your videos in the past that I fee I know you. Of course I don't.

Anyway Intriguing video

I survived the INDOCTRINATION CAMPS , I’ll survive the fall of COMMUNIST AMERICA . And then I’ll lay claim to hundreds of thousands of miles of land . I’ll invite you and others like Josh to start a new country called FAH were I will be KING . And I will allow for maximum freedom and prosperity , and keep the armies of the QUEEN at bay . Every citizen will be heavily armed , so if any of us spot a BANKSTER , horns will sound out , and the hounds will be released . We’ll all jump onto our horses 🐎 and go out into the HUNT . We’ll use their skulls as soup bowls , and make arrows and other worthy tools from this bones . Our dogs will be SHITTING them for weeks as even the bone marrow is utilized . We’ll invite others to frolic in our free market enterprises , and since I will be KING I will enforce that all printable cash must be backed by something . I will stop all foreign wars of aggression , and donate to those less fortunate . I will demand that animal hospitals have ambulances too . For all life will truly be important , except of course those of central banksters working for her majesty’s financial fraudulence . We will take down all flags of conflict , and dance and sing late into the night as we get more citizens to join our merry band of warriors for good . Evil will always be around the corner , so we will keep and bear arms . FREEDOM or DEATH will be our motto , and no royal bloodlines or SATANIST will be allowed . We will promote and reward goodness . And punish those who indulge in evil deeds . Thank you sir 🙏. ✌️❤️👊🏻

the wellfareState like in Scandinavia is very very bad