Sheriff Caught Misusing Funds To Buy Personal Vacation Homes

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One Alabama sheriff, Todd Entrekin, along with his wife, have been caught allegedly misusing prison food funds, by re-allocating them to purchase their own personal vacation homes.

It's alleged that they spent at least $740,000 of taxpayer funds on buying a 4 bedroom vacation home in Orange Beach.

On average, a sheriff can earn anywhere between $35-92k per year or more. It's alleged that sheriff Entrekin was earning around $92k per year.

But just in the last 3 years alone, he's been able to allegedly pull in almost 1 million, over $750k, thanks to additional compensation that was identified by him as being compensation that came from Food Provisions.

Overall, sheriff Entrekin and his wife allegedly own several properties together, to the tune of almost 2 million ($1.7).

In the state of Alabama, some law enforcement agents are under the impression that if there are unspent funds that were supposed to be allocated for inmate meals at the county jail, then the extra funds should get deposited into their personal bank account. The sheriffs say that what they're doing is legal.

However, there have been at least two DAs from Alabama who've said that this isn't how the funds are supposed to be used, in other words what these sheriffs are doing is wrong. And a number of sheriffs have seen some negative consequences as a response to their choice to pocket hundreds of thousands to personally profit from the food program.

And this isn't the only sheriff that has been mentioned as having allegedly misused these sorts of funds. Another sheriff had been previously accused of using food money, around $150k, to invest in a car lot scam.

At Least 49 Different Sheriffs Have Been Sued...

Dozens of sheriffs from Alabama have allegedly been sued by civil rights groups, including the Southern Center for Human Rights, and others; they are looking for public records relating to the accusations that they served unhealthy meals in order to profit further from the food programs.

One previous sheriff from Alabama, Greg Bartlett, had been locked up after he was caught failing to provide adequate meals to inmates. He eventually agreed to give up trying to profit from the scheme, agreeing to use the food money to buy food.

Many folks have complained about the quality of the food in jails, some have even suggested that they were served contaminated or spoiled food.

End The Drug War

If the jails are having issues with trying to feed the inmates, because they've got too many to look after, and are concerned about cost, then they should stop arresting and detaining so many individuals over victimless crimes.

There is no need to be locking people up in cages because they've made undesirable personal choices.

If the sheriffs are receiving funds that are supposed to be for food, then you'd assume that is what they would be spending it on. Surely, many of us would never expect that they'd get a summer house (or several) out of the deal.



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People like this scumbag make me lose faith in humanity.....then I meet people like you and feel much better :)

Thanks for sharing! -Dan

I'm glad they got caught. Did they not watch Shawshank Redemption? Lessons to be learned. Eventually all truth comes out. Eventually what goes around comes around. Loopholes that are abused need to be closed and more accountability given.

Unbelievable !! upped and resteemed !😤😤😤

Civil asset forfeiture in its many forms... Cops are now suffering from entitlement syndrome.

That’s ridiculous, and we are paying for those funds to be stolen by crooked state and government workers. Taxes would be halved if we had a remotely competent government.

Yea well, your taxes are up this year so we can pay for more vacation homes for the jail workers. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing a very interesting article to read. My experience is increasing after reading the article from you. Good luck always for you @doitvoluntarily.

Karma will do the right things

Damn, they knowing break the law should be punished double.

Thanks for continuing to bring light on this issue. It's a sad state of affairs, but stuff like this should be challenged... at least in the court of public opinion. If more people know about what these sheriffs are doing, they will think twice about doing it again.

Does not surprise to see a sheriff abusing his power again. We are at fault giving them too much authority and power in this society.

The state should try to rehabilitate the drug victims instead of making their pain worse.

Hmmmm. Being a sheriff doesn't sound like such a bad gig now that I think about it.

Wow..i like this news nice..

this is very sad... everyone should follow law

Nice information thanks @doitvoluntarily

wow your news psot...

Waoo me encanto tu post , muy importante lo que dice a acerca del dolars.

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i am feeling so jealous man,,,
i wish i had a big house like him..
many of us would never expect that they'd get a summer house out of the deal...
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I feel worried about the ambition of people who have a little power and who are invaded by individualism, is it fair that you use the funds earmarked for other works at your whim??
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Let's see how much time, if any, this SOB will get.