11 Year Old Kid Invents Solution To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

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It’s estimated that at least 700 children have died from heatstroke since 1998, their deaths were said to be a result of being left alone in a vehicle on a hot day.

No doubt this would be any parents worst nightmare, having to come back to their vehicle to realize that they forgot about their child and that their negligence cost them something they’ll never get back.

For the parents who have had this happen to them, we often hear of many different reasons as to why the situation came about.

Quite often you will hear that the parent simply forgot about the child, other times it is because the parents weren’t even aware that the child had gotten into or was playing inside the vehicle. On the worst occasions, there has even been circumstances where parents have intentionally left their child in the car, knowing what harm would come to them.

It is an issue that we hear about every summer, many radio broadcasts and other announcements try to remind parents to check twice when leaving the car. They are hoping to impress the need on the public for them to re-check that they haven’t forgotten their children or pets in the car on a hot day.

A New Idea....

One 11-year-old kid in Texas recently experienced the death of his neighbor’s baby and he wanted to do something about it. He grabbed a piece of paper (seen above) and started brainstorming and drawing ideas for potential solutions to the problem.

Lucky for him, his dad worked for Toyota. The boy, Bishop Curry, went on to invent a device that could work to prevent hot car deaths in the future.

His invention is The Oasis fan and it’s already got a GoFundMe page that’s garnered tens of thousands in donations for the project. It is also alleged that Curry and his family are formally searching for a patent for the idea.

How does it work?

Curry imagined a device that would be installed right into the car seat of the child. The device would have the ability to detect whether there was a child in the car once the vehicle comes to a stop and if the temperature starts to get too hot, then the device will start blowing out cold air.

Not just that, but the device will also be able to send a text message to the parent of the car that their child has been left behind. If there is no response from the parent, then the device will look to send a warning message to alert health professionals like paramedics and police in the area.

They've already far surpassed their funding goal and it might not be very long before we see this solution come to market and start to see car seats being sold that have this technology.

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Can't wait to see the paramedics arriving to the cars with car seats full of shopping bags.

great idea

That is great and a gem of invention. Kifs are much smarter than us these days. I can hardly remember anything good that I did when I was 11.

I beat Chrono Trigger and saved the WORLD! lol
Hopefully this kid will never stop coming up with new ideas.

This is definitely a great idea! And the best example, that you don't need to be brain but just someone who cares about an issue and tries to find a solution!!!

When kids think of genius ideas! :D Great Post!

hope in the future restored :)

Smart kids!

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wow, innovation in action. The kid should join us here because steemit need more innovators...

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Wow, this is innovation in action, they say ideas rule the world, the boy has done well. I pray that they will succeed in inventing the product soon so that children will stop dying out of negligence. Nice article. Keep it flowing.

That kid has a bright future and it would great if the project gets off the ground, the GoFundMe has more than double of the end goal amount. Even if the project doesn't succeed he's already done a great job bringing attention to the problem.

I feel like we shouldn't need something like this but, in today's society filled with distractions, that invention could actually do a lot of good in the world. I think the text feature is brilliant if implemented properly!

Smart guy. Thank you for sharing with you.

That's bloody amazing idea, what a little legend, this kid will definitely be going places. Cheers thanks for sharing.

Young minds change the old world !

That's a beautiful thing this kid did, in response to his neighbor's tragedy.

I hope he's successful in one way or another!

Seems like a good idea.

Very good post :) ... I like i t:)

This woul be a very useful device. Many lives would be saved! Congrats for this post. Upvoted.

That's a really cool invention for a young kid to come up with. Where I live the recently passed a law making it legal to break into a car with a kid or pet if you feel their safety is threatened due to it being to hot/cold.


Saving lives🙌🏻

Wonderful news story! It's very heartwarming to see a young boy use his creativity to help prevent the others from suffering the same fate as his neighbor's baby. What a loving and caring boy!

Thank you for sharing with us. 💜

Wow everyone needs to see this post. Thanks for sharing. Vital information to save the lives of children and maybe even dogs too.

is so good idea do you think is possible

The only thing hot about cars should be just the sex that comes with it?

Haha so true

the cars in the picture are from the sixties or earlier.
you can't fix stupid...the parents are at fault.

Kids are so amazing! What an incredible solution to a very real problem. As a veteran employee in healthcare (15 years), I really appreciate anything that can help prevent children from suffering, and this invention is no exception. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to resteem, in hopes of garnering more attention for the GoFundMe campaign. Every little bit helps.

you've got a good research for a news...thanks.

This is quite encouraging as hot car deaths have become epidemic in recent years! Thanks for sharing, @doitvoluntarily

This is a beautiful idea. This kid has a good heart to put his time into coming up with something to prevent these tragic hot car deaths.

If this saves one childs life then its totally been worth it

Or...a parent should never leave a kid or even dog behind in a hot car...

That kid is really very motivational and talented! !! Thumbs Up!!! 👍

good post like it

Good that kids are thinking about problems around them, and trying to solve them. However this device should PREVENT leaving child alone in the car by stupid parents. It could use loud sound alarm, so folks will not go to far away, or it should draw attention of other people.

This is good stuff, but we need people to be more mindful. It's crazy that anyone would leave their child behind in a car. It says a lot about our culture.

great idea... and thank you for sharing with us

Time for Shark Tank!

That's awesome. Smart kid!

It's a good idea, but it would be great if parents are more in control of their environmental situation. The technological sophistication may not guarantee the safety of their users, but controlling the technology used is more important.

This is quite inspiring. Kudos to the kid that wants to make a difference.

Great post with innovative ideas

I wanna order two for my aunt who is such forgetful lady.

Great content this will hopefully save a lot of lifes

Wow excellent posts I'll be on the look out for this car seat!

Was wondering why I love Toyota

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