PayPal will soon accept crypto as payment method on their platform

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PayPal is one of the most used payment platform in almost all online transactions nowadays. It is widely used, for example it is used in most large scale e-commerce site to money transfer.

As crypto being adopted to daily usage, businesses like PayPal don't want their platform to get left behind. Like what I always believe that "blockchain will revolutionize our daily lives". It is important that businesses like PayPal joins the cryptocraze industry, becuase this is a huge step for us crypto investors and users.

But somethings wrong with their adopting crypto as a method in their payment system. Like what we always say when there's something "too good to be true", PayPal is patenting their technology that is already existing.

Click this link for more info.

This is not the first time this kind of "idea being stolen and making it theirs alone". It happens almost everywhere in application development like for example apple stealing open-source project from cydia, then patenting it to be called their newest technology. There are so many open-source project out there that are being stolen by large companies by patenting it and calling it their technology.

I feel sad for how it turns out, but with PayPal joining us in cryptosphere we are sure that crypto will be making waves this coming months. Mostly people talk about crypto prices falling that's not the case. The point is, we are being adopted as a payment system and that is the goal of cryptocurrency in the first place.


Tinfoil hat on: I think bill gates stole apple windows, gutted it, and repackaged it for Microsoft. He used to work for apple, His parents were lawyers, and windows is buggy af like someone ripped it out and put band aids all over it.

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