Zama 9 Murder Case Shiraishi Sentenced To Death

in #news3 months ago

The Tokyo District Court sentenced Takahiro Shiraishi, who was charged with robbery, forced sexual intercourse, and murder in a lay judge trial in which the bodies of nine men and women were found in an apartment in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Broadcast from the Tachikawa branch of the Tokyo District Court. (Reporter Nomura) "At the moment when he was sentenced to death, Shiraishi stared at the presiding judge and listened without moving. When the presiding judge asked," Did you hear the main sentence? " I heard it, "he answered in a clear tone. In 2017, Shiraishi was accused of sexually assaulting a woman, killing nine people, including one man, and stealing cash. At the trial, the biggest issue was whether the victim had agreed to be killed. In today's ruling, the Tokyo District Court pointed out that the victim's consent was "a form far from the victims' assumptions", although he went home after exchanging suicide with the accused. After that, he denied that he had not given his consent to all the victims and sentenced him to death as requested by the prosecution. If Shiraishi does not appeal within two weeks after tomorrow, the death penalty will be confirmed. "

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