The world is becoming 'plastic planets'

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So far, 830 million tons of plastic is produced in the world, claims US scientists. By 2050, the quantity of plastic will be 1200 million tonnes. Their claim, due to excessive use, the world is becoming 'plastic planets'. British media, a BBC report, said that in the last 65 years, more rapid production of plastic and open propagation in the open nature is growing at alarming rates.


Recently, a group of University of California publishers published a paper on the production and use and pollution of plastic industrial ecologists. It has been found that at least half of this huge plastic product has been produced in the past 13 years. Canceled plastic recycling was only 9 percent. 12 percent have been burnt down and the rest has spread in nature. The sea is spreading in the sea at a tremendous rate.

According to the BBC report, due to its durability and utility, the rate of production of this material is more than the man made without steel, cement and bricks and everything else. About 79 percent of the huge amount of plastic produced has spread out in open nature. The environment is being damaged in plastic waste day by day. Dr. An expert named Roland Gayer thinks, 'This world will soon become a plastic made planet. And if we do not want this, then the decision will be made in the use of plastic made specially.


The study further claimed that recycling and recycling rates were 30 percent in Europe in 2014. The lowest recycling in the United States, only 9 percent. And this production has increased since the 1950's. Experts say that due to the fact that the plastic products are not perishable, it is necessary to eliminate excessive heat. However, it is necessary to make the necessary plastic necessary and then go to its production. And it requires an integrated discussion.

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It's just terrible, and it's being done on purpose. We have other ways, like using biodegradable containers. :(


yah this is a realy terrible.

It's unfortunate and not enough people are taking environmental concerns seriously.

Just letting you know that you need to put image credits if you did not take photos. There are bots that check this and you will get dinged here :) We use a lot of plastic in Bangkok - very sad, but there is nothing else here.

Honestly I have been thinking my whole life that we need to do something about it and stop wasting too much/using less plastic etc.

But the thing is: A couple of persons, a nation like Germany or 1-2 countries more won't save the world while anyone else in the world has got other problems to concern about and do not bother.

That's sad... but this world is going to close its eyes and deal with this problem until the end rather than try to prevent it.

What do you think... did we/I give up? Painting black? Or just facing the reality?