Bright light dance on the earth

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The United States National Space Agency-NASA astronaut Jack Fisher was looking at the spacecraft from infinite space through space. Suddenly he saw a strange sight. Playing on the chest of the world is the bright light of light.

The video that happened last Sunday was Jack. At that time, he was standing 402 kilometers above the earth.

His video shows that bright green light spans the Earth's atmosphere. The video is then released on the Internet. Everyone was surprised to see that.

In this regard, Jake wrote on social media Twitter, "People tell me, that looks like a light green dressing."

Later, after watching the video, scientists said that the light of the jackpot caught in Jack's camera was actually a polar name called 'Alora Borialis'. The poles of the Earth's atmosphere are caused by clashes between the particles and the sun's light particles. Generally, the kind of light that can be seen in the North and South Pole.

Scientists say that this type of incident is not unusual. Scientists have predicted that such an event may occur a few days ago. The reason behind the 'intercontinental shock' is the fact that this light is a creation of the light.

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