How India’s Top Secret weapon KALI wiped out entire Pakistani military base in secs

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It was 7th April 2012, when massive avalanche hit a Pakistani military base in Gayari sector in the Siachen Glacier, killing 130 Pakistani soldiers on duty along with Pakistani civilian contractors under deep snow which is believed to be 80–100 ft thick. The entire Pakistani base on the highest battleground of the world was destroyed in seconds.


Operation Whitewash

Although it seems it was a Natural Disaster but it is actually not, because Avalanches are very uncommon in the area of Gayari. There were many reports from Pakistani media about this incident which directly blamed India for carrying out a top secret mission called “Operation Whitewash” using it’s high tech Top Secret weapon KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector).

This Top secret mission has a very interesting story which lead to the success of “Operation Whitewash”.

Source & More Information

This article was first written on Quora by me in 2019 and with 5000+ Up-votes it became a Star Answer on Quora. Later this was picked by various defense blogs and ultimately posted on PKMKB blog "The PKMKB".

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