Play music with a glove - What a cool device

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Hey Steemians,

yes, I like and enjoy any kind of music and here is a totally new dimension on how to make music.


A glove as a midi controller

Today I found - more by accident - this new device wich comes just from the lab and it's own Kickstarter campaign. They just start to deliver the Glove and I thought you love to see this.

How do people react

This is a nice video where you see how "normal" people use this new device.

The statement of the producer

At their website Remidi write this cool statement about thier philisophy



How does this work

Here is another great video about the music glove and I really like to play with one.

A 360 degree video

This is bloddy awesome!

Move your mouse or finger and swipe left or right to see the other artists at this video. This 360° Music experience is created with the Remidi device and is feat. by Yendry

More Info

Read more at the remidi company website or at their Kickstarter campaign

I don't work in any way for this company. The only reason to post this, is that I think this stuff is cool.

All the video's are copyright by remidi or by the named author

Hope you like this kind of new device! Anyway - enjoy your day and steem on!

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Detlev love steemit

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