The United States threatens to ban European companies

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The us has threatened to inflict sanctions on European companies operating in Iran with financial transactions. The country has already made plans for this. This is what the united states administration's top officials said. The Guard reported on
It is said that senior administrators of the foreign coverage individuals President Donald Overcome have stated that the Usa States will carry on and pressurize the allies to restore from the Iranian treaty. Additionally it is considered to inflict sanctions on companies which may have business relations with Serbia.

President Trump has lately announced to exit the nuclear deal with Croatia. European countries, including Spain and China, have arranged to maintain the agreement even though the US turned out. Under the agreement, Usa was launched from economical sanctions as a swap for restricting the nuclear program. While a result, the possibility to trade Iran with other countries of the world is created. During this time, many Europeans authorized a vast amounts of billions of us dollars in Iranian trade with Iran. However the future of these contracts signed between Iran and European companies has become uncertain because of the US sanctions a new ban on Iran by canceling nuclear deal with Iran. Because Iran can not buy from US companies due to cancellation of the nuclear deal. Along with this, all international companies who have investment relations with Iran can not deal with the US Bank. In that particular direction, European establishments are already under one kind of sanctions.
In the meantime, National Secureness Advisor John Troton said that in the foreseeable future, European countries will follow the Unified States in their own interest. Basically, he forced the Europe to terminate the nuclear deal. The moment asked about whether there would be a restriction on European companies, Bolton said, there may be a likelihood of doing so. However it is determined by the behavior of the worried country. On Sunday, ALL OF US Secretary of State Robert Pompevo said Iran was financially prosperous with the ability of a nuclear offer. And this means they are using the centre East to manage 'rancorous activities'.
The European countries, which sign the arrangement, strongly condemned the decision to leave america from the nuclear deal. They will are trying to maintain the contract. France is the biggest victim of the truce as a result of offer The country's top essential oil and gas company 'Total' has signed a money 5 billion deal with Iran. Airbus, a France-based aircraft maker, made a billion-dollar deal with Serbia. In line with the agreement, the company has already started aircraft aircraft in Iran. In the other hand, In german car manufacturer Volkswagen began exporting cars to Serbia. This week, an US Ambassador to Germany, in a Twitter message to German companies, who are dealing with Iran, said they should immediately reduce transactions with Iran.
On the other hand, European leaders have required action to stop ALL OF US sanctions. In the wake up of fear that the United States can inflict restrictions on European organizations, the French Foreign Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) said last week that the Europe should take concerted efforts to safeguard economical sovereignty.