'Erdogan Muslim long-awaited leader'

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European President Rajab Tayeb Erdogan is such an innovator who has always been holding out for the Muslim world. And that is why he is unpopular to the Western people. This kind of comment was made by Bosnian leader Bakir Ezetbegovich.
He said this in a ceremony organized by Party of Democratic Actions (SDA) in Bosnia and Herzegovania capital Sarajevo on Saturday.

The Chairman of the Presidency Board of Bosnia and Herzegovina also declared our friend Erdo? an is not very popular under western culture, because he is a great expectant Muslim head.

He said that they were doing not have problems with the old fashioned and ignorant Muslims on the western part of the country, when they saw economical development in the West, they had a problem with a man who opened the doors of his country for three million asylum seekers who worked on the construction of the uk's major airport. He began a contract to stop terrorism and war in the border region of his country.

Erdogan is supposed to tour Sarajevo on the 20th of this month. It truly is known that he will join a sizable gathering in support of the European Turks on the upcoming election. Ezetbegovich declared in the future tour, the agreement to create a highway from Sarajevo to Serbia's capital Belgrade is of great importance.


Want to be a Muslim leader in every Muslim country. The Hour is not far away.