Dream is true, space in Bangladesh

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A satellite of Bangladesh will roam in the unfamiliar world of space Red-green Bangladesh has long recently been a dream in this dream since many days and nights. Finally, that dream is true. Bangladesh's first dish (artificial satellite) Bangabandhu-1 started out its journey to space Another color tinge of domestic achievement canvas comes.

Preparations for space travel were preserved earlier. Bangabandhu-1 satellite premiered from Kennedy Space Center in Fl, USA. Throughout the release of Bangabandhu-1, Bangladesh is the owner of it is own satellites as the 57th country on the globe.

Before that, the final preparations were considered to launch Bangabandhu-1 on Thursday at 3: forty five pm on Thursday. Although in the last little, the other spine stops. Skyrocket journey (startup mode) was discontinued due to a technical error. It is reported that Bangabandhu-1 satellite tv is not flying on Thursday night. It was announced, Countdown will be restarted on Friday. In the time of the scheduled moments of the day between Bangladesh and Bangladesh, the new occasions of launching the satellite television is fixed at any time between 4 and 21 minutes.

Soaking in the beach satirite Bangabandhu-1 visitors watching the launchers Picture: Spinx taken from Facebook webpage
Sitting in the beach satirite Bangabandhu-1 visitors watching the launchers Image: Spinx taken from Facebook page
Spacecraft is trying to send the satellite to space. SpaceX Bangabandhu-1 began their journey in the 'Falcon-9' rocket. It will be manipulated from Gazipur of Bangladesh. For this, Ground Control Station has been built at Joydebpur in Gazipur. Rangamati Betbunia Ground Station to be used as an alternate.

It will be possible to extend Internet and telecommunications services through this satellite in remote areas of the country. A new dimension will be added to deal with the disaster situation. This kind of satellite can even be used to ensure satellite-based television set service (DHT) and national security.

The location of the Bangabandhu-1 satellite in space will be 119. one particular degree East longitude. What is more orbit, all parts of SAARC countries, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan will be covered under this satellite.

The country's first satellite was costing Tk. 2, 967 crore Of this, Tk 1, 315 crore has been considered as a loan from the Bangladesh government and the remaining Tk one particular, 652 crore. The loan has been given by the multinational bank HSBC. However, the price tag on implementing the project was Tk 2, 765 crore.

This whole work of satellite creation has been implemented under the supervision of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). This has been done in three steps. These are generally the creation of a ground structure for dish building, satellite launch and charge of the ground.

The main infrastructure of the Bangabandhu-1 satellite has recently been created by France's Space Agency Thales Alenna Space. After the construction of the satellite, it was sent to Florida in the United States to launch it on Drive 30. There is another space research agency SpaceX's Falcon-9 rocket, and the satellite started off in space.

Just how to start out the path
The first satellite in Bangladesh made its debut in 2007. At that time Bangladesh requested the Foreign Telecommunication Union (ITU), an UN agency based in the United Nations to provide orbit in the space of 102 degrees East longitude. But 20 countries protested against the request. The matter on this doubt has not been solved yet. Then in 2013, the present orbit of the Bangabandhu-1 satellite was purchased from Russia's Intercaptanak. Bangladesh has been elected to the Council of TERSEBUT, and has not recently been able to bring its orbit yet.

According to the Un Office of the United States Workplace for Outer Space Affairs (UNOSSA), until 2017, there were 4, 635 satellite tv satellites in space. The number of satellites is growing at 8 to 10 percent per 12 months. The type of work of the satellites is different. The Bangabandhu-1 satellite will be used for different kinds of space communication. Many of these satellites are called 'Geostationary Communication Satellite'. With the rotation of the Ground, the satellite is moving in space.

Currently there are around 30 dish tv set channels in the country. These channels are being operated with satellite television rentals from different countries of the world including Singaporeans. In all, the expense of channels for satellite renting is $ 2 , 000, 000 or about 17 million taka. If the dish is launched, this satellite tv rental money will be left in the country. Then there will be an possibility to earn international currency by paying a satellite transporter or convenience of another country. 20 satellites in 40 geostationary satellites of the satellite will be kept for rent.


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