The Polygamist Royston Potter + Montagraph = Qanon disinformation confidence men? 2.0

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Roy Potter Is a Polygamist.

I feel like this is not new information at all but I feel like it should be very important to folks. How on earth did this Roy Potter guy get all up in the Q scene in the first place? It seems like just 2 months ago he jumped into the Qanon situation and all of a sudden a new Anon started posted with information connected to them. B was the name and a twitter popped up that they were using to "confirm" information posted by Qanon. it seems this B person was the main source of information posted for Roy's videos and it wasn't exactly posting Qanon's exact stuff. They were cutting up information and it seem most of the folks watching his stuff don't even fact check. This becomes a situation because that's exactly how disinformation get's thrown around. On top of that Roy's been working with Monagraph to push his Qlinton narrative. That says that Q is actually hillary clinton. That's right folks, let that sink in.

I decided to google this dude and I was pretty taken back when I saw all the Polygamist stuff. It is indeed him and his own videos confirm this fact. How the crap are his followers ok with this? I started poking him because I was ready to see how this guy is connected and handing his little view situation. he's already Deleting Videos and the B twitter account they created got deleted as soon as I started looking hard into the post. People only delete twitters to ensure the evidence is lost. Well it's not and we are just waiting to see his live stream debunking this. Look at this video

Polygamist Cleanses His Sole From The NWO !

It got really funny because I mention Big love to see if he would take the bait. The bait was him coming out and saying the show was based on him. Well it's not and he totally tried to take the credit. These guys aren't that smart and Fact checking is the name of the game.

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Is Roy Potter threatening to STONE this elderly lady? What is going on?!

😮😮😮 the foot Mormon sorcery is this?

Well done, Defango! Resteemed!!

Did Roy Potter inspire this too? Premires Feb 19th - WOW!

Good pots...

Are the wives related? OMG! How many does he have now? How was this allowed in our military? How does this even work? How many kids and grandkids does he have? Do they all live together? Oh shit, what does Valentines Day look like? OMG! This is creeping me out!

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