30 Years of the World Wide Web

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Remember what Internet life was back in the early days


Now, I have been using the Internet since the time that connecting looked something like this.

I took a class in middle school called "Games computers play". We would dial-up to NC State University to play Star Trek. There wasn't a screen to look at, there was a printer that would give responses to our inputs. The responses might take minutes to come back and sometimes we would lose connection.

We also did some BASIC programming to do simple things. If I had know my career path then, I would have done more of it.

I also had a IBM PC and a modem hookup at home. I would connect to the BBS to download simple games and other silly things to print on our dot matrix printer.

After college was done and I was out in the real world, the world wide web began to open up. I bought a TV console for surfing the web called WebTV. It was made by Philips and Magnavox and one by Sony. There were slight difference between each console. It was controlled by a remote control, but I bought the keyboard in order to not go crazy with typing.

With the WebTV console, you got an email address and a web page. There was also chat rooms and I remember spending many a night discussing how to setup the home page and having stupid arguments with other people in the chat rooms.

I did have access to a regular computer, so I was able to cheat a little on my web page by figuring out the HTML code elsewhere, write it down and then code it on the WebTV console. I also managed to get Blue Monday by New Order in MIDI format onto my web page, which had the beat timing to go along with the animated logo moving across the background. Everyone in the chat room thought I somehow managed to sync the moving background image with the music, but it was just a lucky selection.

I think I used WebTV for at least 2 years, before I just went straight to the PC. The interface was very smooth and if you had a good connection, it was fast and enjoyable. Of course, in the end, Microsoft bought it and killed it by 2013.

So, it has been 30 years for the World Wide Web. Access is quicker, but sites are bloated again.
Instead of being mean to people in chat rooms, the chat room is now Social Media and much bigger and angrier.

Things just get faster and bigger, yet stay the same.

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