15.000 Scientists from all over the World are warning the humanity in the Second Notice: "Act now or lose the Planet forever!"

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Warning to the Humanity, the "Second Notice"

Researchers from around the globe want to shake up the mankind with their horrendous news and offer concrete solutions to avert the most catastrophic consequences.

More than 15000 Scientists from 184 Countries agree: If we do not take actions against the Climate Change, Deforestation, lacking drinking water supply and the rapid growth of population, we will risk the future of the mankind.

It is the article with the biggest scientific support of the history. 15.373 signatures of researchers from all disciplines were noted. The Second Notice is similar to the first warning of 1700 scientists in 1992 and it represents an update of the vitality of the planet. An overwhelming majority of the dramatic tendencies even got way worse than they were 25 years ago.

What are the most worrying trends in the last 25 years?

  • The CO2-Emissions went up 62% since 1992

  • Temperatures rise worldwide about 29%

  • The biodiversity of the vertebrate species decreased for 29% (Nearly 1/3 of all vertebrate animals died in the past 25 years!!)

  • 26% less drinking water per person worldwide is available

  • the oxygen-poor death zones of the oceans increased by 75%

  • Nearly 300 million hectar forest land got deforested since 1992

The imbalance of the nature is rapidly increasing. Plants, animals, insects, fishes and other species take important tasks, that are essential for the survival of the human kind, for example the production of oxygen, purification of the water and the flower pollination.

Besides most of the bad news, there are some good news, one of them is the recovering of the ozone layer, that is protecting us against the dangerous ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore is the trend to renewable energy representing a positive development.

The 15000 scientists not only want to hand over the bad news, they presented valuable action proposals to stop the life threatening environmental tendencies.

What are the proposals containing?

  • Set up more Parks and Nature Reserves

  • Take tougher actions against wildlife trading

  • Switch to plant-based nutrition

  • To expand women's education and family planning

  • And to increase the overall use of renewable energy and other "Green" technologies

"If all citizens of the planet are working together, then we will be able to make progress for the humanity and for the planet, from whom we rely on!"

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This is all due to pollution and global warming which is definately affecting us in the current context .

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