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Police use military tech to track suspects without warrants (My interview today on RT America)

in news •  10 months ago

US police departments are tracking suspects using technology developed for the military. Civil rights groups argue that police should have a warrant to conduct searches using Stingrays and other high-tech devices.

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I reckon each new surveillance technology I see is but a precursor, a prototype, that will shortly be in the hands of private persons.

Technology inevitably favors individuals over groups. Every technological leap you can possibly name, increases the power of individuals to a greater degree than it does groups, and the more powerful the group, the more disruptive technology is, relatively speaking.

While we endure birth pangs of a new world, in which a complete cessation of privacy is first applied to us by groups powerful enough to wield prototypical technology, it is comforting to realize that progress in development inevitably delivers such tech into the hands of individuals, and it is those who now abuse their temporary advantage in economic and politial power who will experience the most disruption from that tech.

Whom will it cost more to be unable to conspire, collude, and defraud people, as surveillance tech is disbursed throughout the population, than cabals of corrupt politicians and fractional reserve banksters?

Maybe traffickers in children, women, and illegally harvested organs. However, I think we're really talking about the same groups, then, anyway.

Thanks Derrick!

Now there must be technology that can help all parties, great technology @dbroze

It's a police state already and now they're after your guns.