Can Steemit become an ACTIVISM platformfor real change? [dTube]

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I had an interesting interview with Gordon Whitman about the most effective ways for activist to achieve change, and I couldn't help but wonder whether Steemit as a platform is something that could help activist grow and succeed. Let me know your thoughts in a reply after check out the video!

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You're clearly on the right path!

absolutely. Especially if you are clever with how you brand it, making sure that you do some footage to document your work and market it as "powered by STEEM" or "enabled by", etc.

Some work like this has already been done by @surfermarly . You can check out some of her work in her presentation at SteemFest2 last year here:

Maybe someone you can take on your show? ;)

But yes, activists who do great work with STEEM as a platform can expect some rewards, especially if it also helps to promote STEEM in a good way. As Marly argues in her talk: Considering how cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin still have this negative reputation of being a currency for drugs and black markets, why not make STEEM stand out by doing great work with it?

I agree completely.

We need a proper way for indexing videos uploaded on Dtube, I can't scroll past a certain number of my uploaded videos and to reach an old one, uploaded within the past 3 months only, I have to find the relative steem post on the blog page by also scrolling down to find it. The search bar isn't helpful. Need to find a search bar with option to search in own videos and posts and in all the site. Current search searches the whole web.

Also I noticed that some old videos I've uploaded are not playing anymore and one of them I had to upload again as it became completely idle not loading at all!

I know the limitation of uploading new videos and posts but I don't see when I have to slow down before my bandwidth limits are exceeded?

Last, the thumbnail for showing the snap photo of the video within the steemit blog, but when inserting in a WordPress blog it's showing fine.

Other than that it would be a perfect alternative to YouTube.

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l have the same probleme uploading video

Until now? If it's still then wait until Dtube has less traffic when the USA is sleeping.

I agree completely with your thoughts. Your videos are very helpful. Thank you for your sharing @fredrikaa and @davidpakman.

I think STEEM is the best way for activists.

Thanks for sharing! Totally enjoyed it. Looking forward to more :)

That's great

EXCELLENT NOTION ♦♦ This is a truly Worthwhile comment !

Hope You #Steemians will be interested in representing #STEEMIT for good & powerful works.

Good Luck to All.

Absolutely. The lack of censorship is a huge plus!

It's a great video I really enjoyed
Looking forward to more in the near future!
Thank you very much, more interviews already planned!


Another great video David thank you for sharing this! I have really enjoyed your interviews and looking forward to more In The near future!

thanks very much, more interviews already planned!

I'd like to piggy back off that comment and thank you as well. Still quite new here, but finding the right people to follow based on posts like this one. Cheers...

One of the problems with Twitter (aside from myriad of other glaring problems) is how politicized people's timelines have become. There's too much activism at the expense of anything else. It's okay to be political, it's okay to have causes you're passionate about, but you need that balance, that diversity. If we find ourselves too weighted in one area, we all suffer.

yep, this is the issue of echo chambers as a result of algorithms on social media. very good point.

Truth be told, it's one of the reasons why I joined Steemit. I wanted to get away from all the political rhetoric.

Nice logo, by the way. I like it!

I've seen a lot of media platforms in my years, and I think that Steemit has more potential than most (or any) due to its use of blockchain technology that prevents censorship (which I view as the major obstacle to the free exchange of information in the near future - if not the present).
Whether the mechanism is artificially created outrage over, "fake news" or "hate speech" or "Russian propaganda" or anything else, every lever of power in the world has a vested interest in controlling the flow of information. The internet has been the first mechanism in history people from around the world have had to exchange information in a free and unfettered (and, importantly, unmoderated) manner on a global level. The people in power have taken note and are doing everything in their power to crack down. Steemit could very well be one of the important answers to preventing the stifling of free expression.

BRAVO. Well said.

Steemit is a great plateform for Authors and Curators.

My objective on steemit is to be a better Curator.

This is gonna need a lot of Steem Power.

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Yes it can, and it's already doing it here in Venezuela where 1 Steem can really make the difference, people are organizing themselves and growing up communities to help people spread the world, Steemit is not a game changer, is a life changer if we use it properly!

@davidpakman I am grateful that you are on Dtube and Steemit and you are a Force for change for the Better!!

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I feel that any platform can in its essence be a plaform for real change. Its not really exclusive to steemit or any other specfic platform.

As people come to desire real change, we have to look at not only the ways in which activists can produce change, but how we, as citizens can support those who wish to produce those changes. Sites like this and even ones like paetron have been effective in doing just that.

Hi @davidpakman!
I am Mawardi from Indonesia.
I've been following you and Upvote you also.

Thank you so much for sharing this, it's so useful.
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Change TO WHAT? Your shallow-end softball fake position is already dominating aren't an "activist", you're an androgynous MSNBC-lite anchorman. There are loads of real activists like @wearechange-co and @pressfortruth who actually expose and chant down the ones you bow to. David Pak"man", interview someone with something real to say. Debate me.

thanks so much for your feedback, I truly appreciate your articulate and thoughtful comment and am thrilled you're part of the Steemit community!

Great ! you are helping well...

Well said, drink for this man!

If the "Activists" try to do more then gain Monetarily.

Why yes I believe it can, David.

Yup! I believe that steemit can become one of the best plantform for real change. Steemit is taking the world of social media to the next level. Soon it will be more better than facebook. Trust me ;)

thats not gonna happen,mark wont sit and fold his arms to see such happen

I’m not sure. Essentially it can be controlled by whoever has the most money. I’ve seen a few of the right leaning talking heads migrate across here and, say, they find themselves funded by a Peter Thiel type who wants a certain agenda pushed that is in opposition to a piece of activism that is going on.

If you have enough money and power behind you, you can become invulnerable to flags, ensure your points and like minded points are the ones that are seen, plus ensure dissenting viewpoints are slapped down.

Nothing draws in a good crowd and an upvote than populist talking points that are aimed at diffusing activism and distorting a pool of truth with misinformation. Monetise that and stick it in a moderation free structure and you’ve got a recipie for something nasty.

I’ve already seen a heavily debunked piece on vaccinations on here, yet it’s sitting at a nice healthy income that nothing but uber whale flags can touch. Naturally that income can then be reinvested, bots bought, for the next bout of misinformation. Because big pharma or something.

Moderation goes against what Steemit advertises itself as, a tech driven ideology, but a lack of tools for the community could be what kills it.

Yes it could and maybe it should‼️ Only the future will tell 🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

good video i like it

I could count few reasons why steem is the right adress for activists. The most important reason is people in here are eager to read every interesting article and i have experienced myself on few events that they are really generous to donate money or resteem the post. An activism tag could be opened, a discord group shouls work either. I can nor open the video right now, but i would love to join activism movements in here.

very good video :)

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I am new here, but it's kind of hard to imagine what it couldn't be used for. For example, I am wondering if I can use to help incentivize my students to read each other's work (peer review) and provide meaningful feedback. That almost feels like activism at this point in my teaching career! But in regard to more conventional activism, I don't see why not.

I hope Steemit can become a activism platform for real change because that is what I am out to do and change is desperate needed. I'm new here on Steemit and Dtube and hope to help make a change.

yes good boss

I would say STEEMIT can be what ever its users want it to be, right?

I started my steemit in hopes to educate and gather a community in which i can insert information get feedback and grow upon a populus idea. i very much think that this platform can be used for activism. i hope to show this by action further in the future, for i just posted for the first time yesterday. onward with the future and blessings my friend

I like it, good video

Steem, to my perception is a platform that gives privilege to all and sundry to enjoy life and make positive change in the community. It has a great chance of becoming a great ACTIVISM PLATFORM

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The Steemit and Dtbube platform needs some serious work and way more users if they are going to get to the size where they can start partaking in activist activities.

The biggest issue with Steemit and Dtbube is the quality for a lot of the content is subpar. I see people sharing photos with just a title earning money, whilst people putting effort into writing great content make nothing. If Steemit wants to attract quality content, the imbalance needs to be fixed somehow or most people will just give up trying to make it work.

I see Steemit in particular as a platform that solves the problem people have been asking since ad blockers became a thing: how am I going to make money off of producing content? I also see Steemit as a platform that can definitely change the perception of cryptocurrency being used by criminals to launder money or buy drugs.

Besides the imbalance in power on both platforms, there is a discoverbility issue where it's hard to find good content, the categorisation isn't that great and content exploration isn't great either. It's another avenue where both platforms need to be improved.

You could write the best post of your life, about a cause you're passionate about, but if you don't have a following or the power, then it'll be in vain because nobody is going to see it. For any of these platforms to become suitable for activism based content, we need to find a way to make it easier to find, share and reward.

If you can get smart and innovative people to one place from different areas and part of the world, power of steemit can rise, I agree with your post!

makes sense to me o.O

We are now in a world where computer and high technology is at hand. online world can damage or create desirable changes in our life.

I like this

oh good video

I completely agree of what he is saying here. I make the argument that orginization is the key. As he said during elections people see legitamacy in being an active member. So if we want less government we must use the same effort as what is used during elections and be organized in doing it. Using the same platform and techniques that they use. It must be a strong best foot forward effort to achieve what you want. I believe this tactic can work worldwide and not just in the u.s.

It absolutely can be. When people come together- in whatever form that takes, there is an exponential growth in the power of numbers. Steemit has the ability to create communities within communities, and to share knowledge... and that is always the first step to any form of Activism!

Yes. i think like so. steemit can change many thing.

Excellent your contribution I hope to continue learning a little more, I hope to count on you to raise my followers and my votes. Happy day thank you very much

I can't agree completely to this. From my experience, I am really skeptical about social media activists. I don't mean to disrespect a genuine social activist but then again social media provides a lot of space for privileged snowflakes and keyboard warriors crying about how their life sucks and complaining about almost everything. Steemit is clean right now and very respectful for all the community members. I'm not sure how it is going to be if we have an influx of wanna be activists polluting our thoughts.

It’s already happening. I’ve now seen two major figures of the WAH SJWS scene come across here to rapturous applause.

I’m not making them part of my circle but this entire environment is going to be very attractive to them.

Steemit will most definitely be a platform for change. That potential was one of the biggest draws for me. A safe place to spread ideas and create movements.

I like it.

Without a centralized Authority censoring content, steemit is already light years ahead of any other activist platform in my opinion. At least here, competing ideologies for example left or right don't control the type of content because of ownership or brown bag payments... I love this idea and this video is great, definitely subscribed man, thanks for the contribution!

I'm really hoping more cannabis and natural medicine activism will happen. Synthetic chemicals can be patented and made billions off of while there's no money in what's already here in nature which most of the time nature's remedies are best. Cannabis relieves so much suffering and most people don't understand that. It takes away 99% of the mental strain from my autism but people will say I'm a drug addict for talking about it.


Definitely an interesting subject, thanks for the upload

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good post sure

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