Steemit, when is foreign intervention good vs bad? [dTube]

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This came from an audience question, and like most issues I deal with, there is no simple individual answer. What do you think about this, and what principles is your opinion based on?

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Somehow, this view of america doing interventions in foreign countries for the good of all, is an outdated hollywood picture. There are too many monetary interests involved, that there is no way, that these interventions are just for "the good of the world". It feels more that "should the good for the many coincide with our corporate greed, then it's a win-win-situation, otherwise the profits are more important".

This is probably a gross overgeneralization, but with everything else happening right now ... it seems to be closer to the truth than what hollywood made us believe.

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I think any so called intervention is about making money or doing a deal , the whole thing is corrupt , there are no people doing it because there have a good heart , which is sad

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I like the "big" questions such as this one. They help reveal the hidden assumptions in our worldview. I think David does a great job breaking these concepts down, whether the question is incoherent or valid. I think stuff like this helps bridge the gap between a beginner's and expert's mind.

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Well, there's another fun topic. Here are my two cents worth.
The peaceful, non-intrusive coexistence of nations requires a high level of intellectual and spiritual evolution that we may never reach. After millennia of international intrigues, expansionism, colonialism, conquests, invasions, and overt and covert foreign interventions across the globe, we humans are still stupid and greedy enough not to have learned our lesson, despite the inevitable destruction and suffering.
As for the United States in particular, which were mostly founded on the genocide of the indigenous Indians, let's just name a few countries were we intervened, many a time overthrowing democratically elected governments, and count the corpses: Vietnam, Irak, Korea, Chile, El Salvador, Cuba, Philippines, Afghanistan, Honduras, Libya, Grenada, Iran, etc etc etc.

...when it's not done to promote corporate interests?