Internet EXPLODES Over Trump Censorship Order

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Internet EXPLODES Over Trump Censorship Order

--As word of Donald Trump's internet censorship order spreads, opposition explodes over the authoritarian nightmare

What do you think of Trump's leaked order?

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What the hell are you talking about. There is an overwhelming political bias and censorship against conservatives on Google and social media. The basis of this is NOT a fantasy! Do some research and check your facts.

Yeah! Even conservatives need a safe space free of disagreements!

They have the right to use the same space/platform as others without being censored, deplatformed, demonitized, suppressed in the search engines, etc... There's countless cases like that.

Even the democrat candidate Tulsi Gabbard wasn't immune to the Google bias:

Sen. Cruz: The Pattern of Political Bias From YouTube and Google is Massive:

And let's not forget Alex Jones (whether you agree with him or not) who got deplatformed last year by coordination from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter within 24h. This attack on free speech was an alarming call to what's happening today.

I can go on forever with examples.

There are thousands of leftists banned, too. Why are you flipping out like a child when facts are posted about your daddy? Snowflake twiggured?

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I don't believe that. If leftists were banned, why don't their friends at Twitter, CNN and MSNBC complain about it?

CNN isn't leftist lmao how stupid are you?

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Why do I argue with your ignorance? Why do you call people stupid all the time? Haven't you been taught respect and politeness at school?

You don't argue, you virtue signal for conspiracy theories. CNN isn't leftist at all lmfao, watch the debate and how they attacked bernie over and over. You're living in a fantasy world, snowflake. Stop crying, it's pathetic.

Imagine still believing that the Trump adm. is somehow pro free speech. Better worry about some immature kids in colleague and their rebels rofl


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