Hey Steemit, is Burger King's net neutrality ad good activism, or a cheap marketing ploy? [dTube]

in news •  11 months ago

Burger King's new net neutrality at, "Whopper Neutrality," does make the right point about the issue, but is it really Burger King getting involved in pro-net neutrality activism, or is it a ploy to sell more Whoppers?

Check out part of the ad in the video and leave me your thoughts in a comment...

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It's just a case of "what cause is the mainstream rooting for that if we don't root for we are in danger of going to be labeled something? We might as well jump ahead and make a cliche, supposedly smart ad and take advantage of it!". The topic doesn't matter for the issue really...

All this is going to do is give the anti-net neutrality people something to point at like “see all the corporations want net neutrality in place, so it must be terrible government oversight and control of the internet”.

Marketing Ploy for sure but it sure highlights what these crazy right wing nut jobs are doing to us in a way that everyone should understand. Personally, I Love It.

It's a marketing ploy. They're in the hamburger business and looking to sell more hamburgers.

I do admit it's a clever ploy, though.


hard to disagree with this


Don't tell me about your hardness.

Yea I was thinking the same thing when I watched the original the other day! I really think that their marketing team has a lot of new faces that really know how to catch the masses at this point. I think they're like, "We just want to well you a Whopper man." Lol

Simple Marketing..nothing seems beyond it my friend @davidpakman

Before i say anything: Burge King Burgers is better than McDonalds Hamburger (you can hate me now)

Anyway, first i disagree that an ad like this would have more impact nowdays if it were run on Old media. The possibility of something generating buzz and discussion is a lot bigger on the New Online Media. Less and less people everyday watch old traditional media.

Also, click share, your friend that wasn't watching TV at the moment the ad were shown now have acess to it. It is a lot more powerful.

But as an ethics point of view, i don't see any problem in a company use its "money power" to bring to the general population a topic that needs to be discussed into the light.

In a similar way, a big cosmetic company here in Brazil once runned an ad that showed all kinds of personal romantic relationships persons (Hetero, Homo, trans, poly) sharing gifts on our valentine's day.

Yes, the main objective of the ad were to sell more cosmetics to all kind of persons, but, it also brought the sexuality subject and racism on everyone talks. A topic that usually is not discussed.

So yeah, its an ad. They want to sell more. But isn't it better that some ads go beyond the "sell more" part?

Yes burger king is quite good than Macdonald and this ad might be good for their productivity

You know what @davidpakman.. Just send me a slice and I'll let u know how but takes 😂 😂
But it looks great

I guess this is one of those situations where, advertising the things you support for reals becomes a source profit for you.
Bugger King might really be getting involved.

definitly a cheap marketing ploy

Little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. Either way they'll win at Cannes this year for it. I for one applaud anything that brings attention to such an important issue. So if a brand wants to push that forward. yay.

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Definitely just a marketing ploy. But I welcome it, as its helping raise awareness of the issue.

interesting, cool writing and video

One way to look at is that their marketing is working on you and getting you to spend your money.

Another way to look at it is you’re using the power of your wallet to reward something you support, and by extension encouraging companies to continue doing stuff like this.

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"good activism, or a cheap marketing ploy" - Yes, they are not mutually exclusive. ; )

Thats probably His Marketing strategy and He must have made enough research be fore embarking on it, so I wont really say it's a cheap marketing ploy

Cheap patties, cheap marketing ploys.

I wrote a piece on it [here] and I think it is a little of both. There bullying ad last year was fantastic.

The company is still evil and making the world a worse place...

I saw the original video yesterday. I find it fascinating that Burger King, of all companies, is getting involved in this. Their marketing team seems to know a fair amount about the issues at hand, though. That clip at the end with The King drinking from a reese's mug was quite the jab!

In all, I'm glad they're showing support that allies with my beliefs, but I'm concerned about the precedent. It worries me that other companies will employ similar tactics for things I don't support, or even oppose. Were McDonalds to come out in support of Ajit Pai, would I hold the same enjoyment?

Not related: I just realised I'm not upvoting a lot of your videos because you upload them on YT and I just scroll past them here...

You might be missing out on some shekles that way... if you want mine at least you should upload them here oilier.

As to being 'cheap', I'm not sure I'd call it that...

I'm willing to call lots of bandwagoning 'cheap', but this commercial really goes beyond a give:take; they're putting their foot down against very powerful people, and putting it in plain beef, as it were, what net neutrality is.

I think the ad is good because it raises awareness and has started an important conversation. Sure, at the end of the day, they are trying to sell burgers and feel that this can help them -- but they are doing it in a pretty cool way by drawing our attention to a topic with a prank/comedic sketch (based on if you think the "customers" are actors or actual customers).

Good job Burger King. I'm not a big fan of fast food (outside of Taco Bell...love me some tacos), but I will now give each Burger King restaurant a slight head nod as I drive by. Well done (pun intended).


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Burger King's end goal here seems to be show support of an issue people are very passionate about, so that those people who are very passionate about an issue will in turn rally support behind Burger King and by more stuff from them.

On a similar note, it's interesting to see marketing departments stepping into the political sphere. This might yield positive implications in the future, as more people are being informed of different political issues.

I would be more likely to get a Whopper if the result of eating it wasn't such a disaster.

yes, the government shouldnt be in control over the internet but they still are, neither should the isps. im guessing the first thing they will try to do with their power is take bad control of the media by making it harder for smaller media outlets that have gain popularity online like yourself.

the government is sick of all the freedom the internet provides and did this to get better control over it. the huge isps are paid by the government, they give them data on their users, they are basically part of the government. i dont see how this "unreguation" of the internet, if you want to call it that can be called capitalism or have anything to do with capitalism, it pure corporatism which is a really bad form of socialism. deregulation of the isps isnt helping anyone but the isps its just giving them the opportunity to expand their monopoly from the isp market to the data/ website/ online service market. just because a few huge government backed corporations are free to charge different amounts for whatever data the internet doesnt make the isp market anymore free. im all for capitalism but this isnt it.