HERO: Woman Dragged Out of Town Hall for Listing Corporate Donors

in news •  2 years ago 

We need more of this

A West Virginia woman named Lissa Lucas testified before the state's House of Delegates on a matter of gas drilling and was dragged out of the chamber after listing the political donations given to representatives on the committee by lobbyists from oil and gas companies

I believe this should become a standard and common way of protesting corruption in politics. What do you think?

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

David, we normaly dont agree on stuff, but this is spot on!

Politicians should (in my view) ware badges with the corporate logo's and the donation amounts on it! :P

would love to see that happen -- it never will.

Ignoring the fact that I disagree with the premise of the bill, these politicians are cowards. If you are willing to sell out and do a corporations bidding, be willing to own up to it.

Followed and resteemed. Keep up the good fight!

I pulled up a youtube video of the incident and apparently the young lady was calling out individual committee members and was supposed to only address the legislation under consideration. Rules protecting elected officials from the truthful comments by constituents should not exist. I'm so glad that you can look up any politicians financial supporters on the internet and know how in bed with support they are.

yes, absolutely ridiculous excuse to drag her off the floor.

Was there another video? I did not see where she was "dragged" out. After she was off camera she continued to yell her comments. Two men, one on each arm, walked her off camera.

This is why candidates for any office should only have 2 options to run their campaign - either the money comes out of their own pocket or they recieve public funding if they can get at least 5% in the polls. The FEC already has a similar program in place for presidential candidates but most opt out because they can raise more money through non-profits and special interest groups.

This is so sad....I'm glad you are putting a spotlight on this, en order to expose the bad actors in this sector.

sorry, I made a typo (but seems there is no "Edit" button). I meant to type "in" not "en" lol

This is the norm. It shouldn't need a spotlight. It should be common knowledge.

#merica... Resteemed!!

That's a great way of protesting money in politics. They bring more attention to the issue by kicking her out. Kudos to her.

Excellent take

She's running for office too:


Hero for sure.

What do you expect in a country that says corporations have human rights.:(

What happened to the first ammendment?

Political correctness has made people more aware that what they say can hurt others. At this point we are also learning that EVERYTHING we say offends someone somewhere.

I applaud her , there should be more people like her , fighting for the public, it was absolutely disgusting the way she was treated

I also think in that direction, that should be a standard and common way of protesting corruption in politics

More of the reporting, less of the being dragged out.

Such a sad situation in the USA

😯 Not cool bro

how can any sane Lawyer or Judge claim anything but freedom of speech by what Lisa did. If MSM wont call out our ruling elite, then it is up to brave people like her.

I bet more than a few of them clinched their sphyincers when she started reading those totals off.