STEEMIT NEEDED: Corporate Media is MISSING STORIES by Focusing on Nonsense

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Caller astutely points out that mainstream media misses important stories due to their sensationalist coverage of less important topics. This is WHY WE NEED and also WHY I'M on Steemit.

▶️ DTube

Yo, Mr 1980s video game dude. Steem platform, Dtube and Steemit, is ideal for alternative media. Alt media only needs the spotlight for a week and Steem gives that. I noticed 'we are change' and a few others have been around a while.

One other thing, you need a Steem logo for your mug.

A Steem logo for my mug?

And with mainstream media, it's not going to change any time soon. Profit comes solely from clicks and drawing eyeballs to gloss over ads. A system like Steemit's that actually aligns interests between media and people trying to stay informed has been needed for a while, and it feels like we finally have one.

Yes the click bait industry will last a very long time. Probably at least 10 more strong years. These larger media companies have so much influence over other people. When people start to think for themselves we will start to see extremely exciting things happen. And it's happening more all the time. It was inevitable to happen when we empower people with these powerful devices we call phones.

But I believe more that people will live inside their own universe more than be hooked into 1 big country eco system. Especially now with VR headsets getting more popular. People will design their own life more exactly the way they want it to be. Stay informed about all will be impossible since more information is being created daily in exponential curves.

Apsolutely. I have similar expectations from alternative media to take action on steemit. But it’s good to see it embraced so well these days, I get more and more excited about steemit every day.

True I also get more excited about Steemit for every day. Compared to other coins and tokens it's actually super engaging. The other stuff in the Blockchain world puts you to sleep and you feel more powerless. Like you are watching a movie but you can't control the ending. I would love to see Steemit get a 3D app that works with HTC Vive so you can interact with the service in a 3D room and space. That would be the next level.

Holy cow like a well moderated steemit vr chat? Like I have an idea of what you’re saying but damn dude the possibilities are endless. In regards to boring, a lot of the projects I’m still excited about are either still on the production portion of their roadmap or they are ethereum.. lol

Steemit has endless potential. It is highly disruptive.

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Trump has turned out to be a massive cash machine for the media. It is just non stop coverage of his tweets and things that completely lack substance.

They just focus on their cooperate agenda and how to make more profits.

gracias por el aporte amigo, mucha suerte y éxitos para su blog :D

my feeling exactly why watch propaganda when you can come on here an read about real views an opinions on topics that matter

Muy buena información amigo, espero que sigas teniendo éxito Saludos :)

Absolutely, they chase the ratings and push their agenda (whichever side) instead of caring about reporting the truth or informing people on important issues.

are some of these videos only?

sometimes there are many things that are not important to share in steemit, but there is also a lot of useful information that is useful, must be selective in sorting

I really wish the MSM would get off their witch hunt and put more time into reporting real, factual news stories.

But there is no money in that. Once real profit comes in then people can start to work on interesting real projects. People may say they want something but they usually reward something else. If people want better stories then they need to start to reward that more and that takes real value creation efforts. Now most major media companies tries to create a paywall to keep milking their boring stories. They are so desperate for money!

Corporate media just does not want you to be informed of the real issues. For example, Europe is now a mess with all the inmigration problems that they are facing, and people worldwide ignores all that is really happening. I am posting a series talking about it here:

Media is a synonym for distraction! I like your steez @davidpakman. Keep it up stunnerman..

Couldn't agree more!

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thank you for your news of steemit

I definitely agree here , the news seems to go about what there think we want to here , there is more news out there then the mainstream

@davidpakman This would be a great topic to focus on in detail, I would be surly interested in what you fully have to say on this matter as I think its just a to bigger topic to just spend 5 minutes on. great videos by the way keep up the great work.

I have stopped watching very much of MSM. They all have their agenda's that are designed to program audiences to their liking. They all yell at each other and me trying to tell me what to think.

I have found these news outlets to be far superior in all ways. They give me the facts without insulting my intelligence and allow me to make up my own mind for the most part. - This is my favorite and reminds me of a 1960's broadcast by Walter Cronkite. - Even though this is Russia Today there are some valuable & relevant pieces that are not cover elsewhere. Some times they get a bit too emotional Especially Redacted tonight but Lee does bring up some interesting view points. - What I have see from this I like but I have not watch much yet . - The main stay of this show is Professor Richard Wolff, a socialist economist who is one of my very favorites and has much to offer well worth the time to listen.

We cancelled our cable and went with Netflix for our mindless down time. It's nice to be able to pick what you want to watch without being told to buy something.

When you get off the cable and MSM media & entertainment you start to get Un-Programmed. It also helps that we do not own smart phones.

For the past 65 yrs the west has unwittingly created a psychological media experiment where most of our children have been raised(programmed) by TV and now the WEB. Myself included. What it has actually done & doing to us has yet to be determined. I'm sure there is upsides and downsides but we are not talking very much about the downsides if at all.

It's not much different over here in the UK.
Of course we have different actors, different bad haircuts and different lies (spoken in a British accent). Other than that, it's same old, same old.
Steemit can be an important force for real democracy.