Ridesharing 2.0 | Arcade City | This Ethereum version of Uber just launched its iOS and Android Dapp

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I have been waiting to hear this news for a long time!

Arcade City (a decentralized version of Uber) has just launched its first mobile Dapp for the new peer-to-peer ride-sharing platform.

The service works much in the same way as Uber, but it runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain, meaning, it is 100% decentralized. That also means, you can't shut it down. Even if a government wanted to. This may prove useful, considering all of the legal issues Uber has faced worldwide since launching.

This also opens up some pretty interesting debate. How will governments handle such a service? How should they? How can they? :)

Drivers of Arcade City can accept all sorts of payments. Most importantly, there is no middle man taking a large cut from the drivers profits.

In fact, drivers keep 100% of their fare!

This also will mean it could be an even cheaper version of Uber. The disrupter, being disrupted, I suppose.

It looks like they are first going to be launching in Austin, TX with an iOS and Android version of their Dapp available for download.

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This is great news for Uber drivers, and riders alike, as well as a nice addition to some of the useful Dapps coming out of Ethereum and crypto land late this year and early into 2017. Things are definitely looking bright.

I hope Arcade City take into consideration what Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum's creator) had to say about what he wants in a decentralized Uber...

What I want out of decentralized uber: location-aware search eng for drivers with built-in rep system and payment processor. Keep it simple.

@VitalikButerin - 16 Feb 2016

I guess I will have to wait until the service is launched in my city, and I hope that is soon. When it finally is, don't be surprised if @darknet picks you up, or even jumps in your car!

Kind regards,

P.S - Perhaps we could build our own version that runs on Steem? I mean, it has the reputation system already built in, right?!

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As self appointed El-Presidentae of the Reputation 52 Club . . .

I approve this message : )

/ hugz ; )

this is pretty cool. uberesque service on Ethereum. wow!

Now the changing is coming