Way less I think 3-5 years.

I agree. Probably around 3-5 years before we start to see a preference of A.I. over humans, but it will happen. Then what? The only jobs left will be A.I. design and maintenance.

This is just the myth of the movies, where they think that robots and skynet will takeover humans, this will never happen, robots will be here to support humans not make them slaves @an0nkn0wledge

I don't think he mentioned robots making us slaves. And robots don't need to totally replace humans in order to significantly affect the number of jobs available to humans. It's business, seeking the most cost effective means of production. Jobs will be lost. The economy will disrupted. Solutions will be needed.

We will not be slaves, but we will not have nearly as many humans in the work force. That is the issue. The trucking industry is the easiest example to use. That tech is only 3-5 years out. Bots don't need to be perfect, only better than us. Sure a few crash, but it will be far fewer than what is current.
Doc bots already out perform nurses and doctors on diagnosing issues. I beleive the report read, nurses get it right 75%, docs 85%, and bots were over 96%.
They are coming, they will replace the human worker, now we have to ask ourselves, what do we do about it?

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