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RE: Media Silent as Allison Mack’s Arrest Exposes Child Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring

in #news5 years ago

Why can't kids get the same attention and sympathy that movie stars fucking producers for movie roles get? It says a lot about society that people are more outraged over Trump saying mean things than they are about child trafficking.


What are you using to measure people's outrage in such an instance? The Idiot Box that tells you what people are outraged about, or the people you yourself have watched being presented the two different things and witnessed that certain more outrage you speak about? Is that a measure of those two individuals or a commentary on all individuals?

I'm taking about what gets all the attention on twitter and facebook. They only get mad at what the media tells them to be mad at. The worst part is they all think they're "woke" free thinkers, and resisting authority just because they hate Trump.

Still, who are you considering as People? All of the people based on the reactions of what could very well be a BOT on twitter/facebook? That doesn't seem sensible, well that isn't sensible. Next time name some names: Linda over here thinks child trafficking ain't shit compared to a Trump tweet. It'd save me from raising the point that regardless who and what is considered it only says something about them, not about everyone else.

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