Czech Republic named 7th safest country in the world by Global Peace Index!

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Hi everyone!

The Institute for Economics and Peace (a renowned international research institute) has just published the latest Global Peace Index, an annual survey that measures nations´ safety and peacefulness. Based on several factors such as internal conflicts, criminality levels, terrorism, homicides, size of army etc., the Global Peace Index is one of the most complex and recognized surveys of its kind.

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I was really pleased to find out that my homeland, the Czech Republic, is currently ranked as the 7th safest country in the world. That is certainly great news not only for us, the residents of the country, but also for tourists and international visitors who can travel to the Czech Republic without any fears. The only six countries that did even better in the survey are Canada (6th), Denmark (5th), Portugal (4th), Austria (3rd), New Zealand (2nd) and the winner Iceland. You can check out the full list HERE.

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Never knew this country is that amazing. Added another one to my bucket list!♥

It should be right on the top of your list:)....

When you consider the history of your country at the crossroads of warring cultures, military campaigns and political subjugation and has recently known years of fear under Soviet rule, it sure is quite heartwarming to read that the Czech Republic is the seventh safest country on the World Peace Index.

We sure are really privileged and we all should be proud of that.....

Hello friend, congratulations, your country is beautiful, as mine is, however with feeling I can tell you that my country is located in the 143rd place. I hope someday to visit your country.

I hope you will and also hope the situation does get better in your homeland. Have a great night. Tomas

You are the best! :)

There you go! We are in great hands:)....

Congratulations to all Czech nation to become the 7th safest country in the world. It's a big honor for the nation. It reveals that government not only think about recreational spot, preserving old heritage and beauty of the country but also think about the welfare of the country. Great nation great people. May you have more high rank. Keep sharing @czechglobalhosts.

It isn't the new news for me, I already know #czechrepublic is one of the safest places in the world, and it is just because of you, The way you Showed us the beauty of your country, I can easily witness that it is one of the most beautiful places on the EArth. I would like congrats you on this amazing success. My love for this beautiful place is increasing day by day. Here I want to say that, I will visit #czechrepublic at least once in my life :) Have a good day Tomas.

Hi Thomas, Congratulations to Czech Republic. It;s no seven ranking seventh place of most peaceful country around the world. For me probably you could heard about Sri Lanka (My motherland)faced most dangerous terrorism problem. But finally our state lucky to won terrorism finally. You can ask about your friend if you didn't remember it.
Czech Republic most glorious location to visit for every tourists. Yesterday I was confirm I'll definitely visit Czech. Peace most important to every tourists. They wait every facilities what they want and arrived.

Czech Republic named 7th safest country in the world by Global Peace Index!

That's most brilliant news to hear me and I bet Czech republic being first place these chart.

its a great news. Happy to hear.

It is a great news indeed for u...I wish the whole world to be in peace like these countries...because without peace life is enjoy heaven on earth wo all should put our efforts to maintain peace..A little step will get a good result....inshahAllah

For this reason I want to move to Czech Republic

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