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The National kidney Month celebration was held at the National Kidney Transplant Institute in Quezon City Manila. The aim of the celebration was to spread awareness for the people to take care of their Kidneys because Kidney failure was the seventh leading cause of death in the Philippines.

The first leading cause of death was a heart disease and the second was a cigarette smoke -related. There are many causes of Kidney failure and the number one cause of it was Diabetes.

In my case my Kidneys were attacked by my own immune system as shown by the biopsy test made on my around mid-90's. The Nephrologist told me that even though I would get a Kidney transplant the same thing will happen again.

I would get Nephrotic again and will suffer the same thing before my Kidneys fail plus I was diagnosed in having Hepatitis B during those days and was told that I could not receive treatment because it is in their protocol that I should not get treated.


So the doctors just treated me with antihypertensives and vitamins until me and my mother decided not to go to the doctor again after two years because I am just not getting treated anyways. I just basically sunk my head in the sand and hoped for the best to come that never came and here I am now battered and bruised, still kicking but when I would capitulate is the one million dollar question that only God knows.

Bit one thing is certain that I will just fight until I am no more.

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