Blockchain & Bourbon: The Era of Decentralized Video

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Blockchain and Bourbon is a weekly livestream hosted by the makers of The Creative Crypto Magazine, covering the latest and greatest in crypto-empowered creativity.

The illustration above was produced by artist @zsolt.vidak specifically for this article. You can see his original process and work, here.

B & B Recap

During last week’s cast, we hosted a live conversation about decentralized video and media on Facebook Live (the quality of the stream is a bit better than the one in the @dtube video that we had to unfortunately screen capture) and the PROPS Porject’s RIZE app. We covered the premise and need for decentralized media, the current existing platforms for video, and the future prosects for both audience members and content creators. We even discuss the Steem blockchain’s empowerment of @dlive and @dtube! For this episode, we enjoyed a glass of Kings County Distillery’s Bourbon.


Each week, we’ll be streaming a new episode of Blockchain & Bourbon on Friday with a variety of topics, themes, and special monthly interviews. If you have any topics you’d like covered, let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page. Read about the official announcement and roadmap here.

Next Up, Explaining Blockchain to Your Grandma

Tomorrow will be our next broadcast a bit earlier at 3pm EST. We’ll be discussing ways to explain blockchain to newcomers and focusing on metaphors and analogies that we and others in the blockchain space have found effective.


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We hope you’ll join us tomorrow! We’ll be taking questions live after the main discussion.

Blockchain & Bourbon Project Details

About: Steemit Announcement
RIZE Address: Link here (only on mobile)
Facebook Page:
Music by Joakim Karud

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very interesting post❤
I want to support you resteem @creativecrypto

very good article hopefully be a motivation for steemit friends

Wow has been pretty much your post. There are many things to know from your post,
Thank you for posting....

Interensting channel. Im from Venezuela, visit my post i hope we like my creative work <3 i seeee you!!

Interesting post, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Really appreciate the overview of youtube alternatives. At this point I feel uploading to youtube, twitch, etc, would be hypocritical, but unfortunately there's no clear alternative and instead a variety of startups, many of which will likely flounder. Seems like the solution would be to jump on as many alternatives as possible and ride the wave. Exiting times, for sure!

Awsome. Blockchain is future

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Always interesting to watch your video but with a dram of scotch :-).
One day I'll try with one glass of bourbon.

Followed, supported and tweeted out to my 10k+ followers on Twitter.
Have a wonderful and awesome day.

With YouTube acting like the Thought Police we need decentralized video!

I love your concept here. Will definitely have my eye on you. 👍 I've never heard of the Rize app. Neat! "AS people convert over to cryptocurrency" Yeesssss I love your phrasing there. Wowwww, that's true, I never thought about that - how content theft isn't as much of a problem on the blockchain. People are really nicer on the blockchain, I've found. My husband @inaliz is a streamer on Twitch, and one of his biggest complaints is the toxicity. He did one test stream on Dlive. He said it was remarkably different. He's going to be over here more. This is the place for the truly leading edge people. Really excited about what you guys are doing. You've got something here. 🌈

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